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Indica vs. Sativa // Clear Trichomes vs. Amber Trichomes -- various effects of

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by bjordan, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. It is common knowledge that Indicas give more of a sedative body high, and that Sativas give a heady cerebral high. After reading up on growing I learned that if buds are harvested when the trichomes are clear, the high will be energetic, and that if the buds are harvested when the trichomes are amber, you'll get "couch lock, or a sedative feeling.

    What effect would an Indica plant have if it was harvested when the trichs were clear vs. amber? (& vice versa)

    The same question is posed for Sativa plants.

    I hope that is clear enough to understand! :wave:
  2. im guessing if a strain is 100% indica or sativa and depending on when u harvest in the trichome stage will give it a 50/50 incica sativa, but if a strains already 50/50 and you harvest whem the trichs are amber then the plant will be mostly indica partly sativa. Im no pro, this is just my theory.
  3. It's true that harvest time can have an affect on the buzz. You aren't going to get a Haze bud from an Afghani plant but it makes a difference for sure. How much of a difference depends on the strain and how early/late you chop so really you just have to experiment and see. Chopping when the trichs are mostly cloudy with just a few amber and some clear would be a good place to start if you don't want to be rooted to the couch. If you really want knocked on your ass then wait for about 50% amber triches. You could also harvest in stages. Harvest a little bud early and a little bud late then you can do a comparison.
  4. Here is what i think/did...........i figure, if a strain is 75%Sativa/25%Indica, like my strawberry cough was, you would want to harvest when 75% of the trichomes are cloudy/clear and the other 25% would be amber........match up the sativa/indica dominance with its trichome effect (Indica=amber, Sativa=cloudy/clear)........
  5. I plan to root some Papaya seeds from Nirvana, here is their description of the high: "The buzz from our papaya is lethargic, almost narcotic." Like buzb8 recommended, I'll harvest in stages to get an idea of the true character of the plant.

    Thanks for the infos yaaaz,



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