Indica strain for RSO

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  1. Hello all,
    I'm totally new to this but need to grow and ultimately make RIck Simpson Oil to treat my wife's cancer. Can anyone tell me about a particular strain/vendor that is easy for a newbie to grow indoors and not screw up too badly.

    I'll read up on lights and grow setup on the site. Seems like a ton of info from folks who know what they are doing!


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  2. I'm in Virginia, so no easy access.

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    White Widow, but almost any Indica is easy to grow.. is a great resource..good luck to both of you..Plenty of growers here to assist you..
    use the GC search engine to check for seedbanks..IMHO only buy feminized seeds to avoid raising males..
    members here are fantastic and will help as long as you do your homework:)
    Here is a starter to making small batches of RSO..
  4. I'll take a look at that site

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