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Indica....sativa....or kush

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Fredbear, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. I know sort of the differences and I know there are many threads about this but I cant find any with kush
    what are the differences as Im about to order seeds
    I know indica is a heavy body stone and sativa is a head high but can anyone expand on this with the kush as well
  2. im smoking on some indicator right now...smoke indica my boy!!nerve damage and royalty fuck og
  3. Kush is a type of marijuana, a strain. There are actually over 100 different Kush strains.

    Indica is a body high, gets you couch locked, makes you tired later

    Sativa is a head high, wakes you up a bit, gets your creative juices flowing

    A lot of strains are hybrids so they share both characteristics but most of the time, one more than the other.
  4. A quick internet search will tell you he properties of indica and sativa. Kush is just a strain name for a number of (usually) indica dominant strains.
  5. I know what the intenet is going to say as I have already said it but I want to know how the two different types make you feel personally
  6. Kush always means indica dominate.

    I like Hybrids because I enjoy Sativas but they have some negative effects on my mental. Paranoia/Anxeity...

    Iv'e never had a strong purple strain but I'd really love to try one. :eek:

  7. Awwww man you'd love it :) I just had a bowel of purple and oj mixed together the other day =^.^=
  8. mostly pure indica is crappy fall asleep feel for me

    pure sativa I can only get mildly high or I get nausea and mega disorientation.

    Indica dominant sativa mix I get nice body high and am creative and can get to that "analgesic" opiate feel (although that is not my goal)

    Sativa dominant Indica mix = almost perfect for me, nice mental high and enough of a body high so I can be comfortable and still converse endlessly about intriguing subjects.
    *more slight analgesia compared to indica dominant sativa*

    All in all long as it's a mix I'm fine with either...pure is a bit much.

    Kush is just a name for a strain...usually good dank :D
  9. Oh and if I mix with some sort of upper (let's say "caffeine") I can smoke straight indica and everything be chill...otherwise it's a no go :p

    Although I've had rather ridiculous 2 day after glow before lol
  10. Damn Fred joined in 08 and asking this question but..

    sativa- mind high
    indica- body high
    hybrid- mixture of both (can range from sativa or indica dominant)

    Here is an excellent article that goes a bit more in depth

    Indica or Sativa? Weed (Cannabis) Growing Guide:
  11. above....yeah I never really cared about the strains just smoke it and shut up right...but when Im spending 300 on seeds ( not just for me) I want to be sure what Im doing

    G4grassdtta those are the answers I was looking for...I like the sativa feel as well

    close to a vape high
  12. Make sure you think about how they grow when buying seeds. Sativas are generally more difficult then indicas, flower longer, and get very tall. Indicas gennerally the opposite. So consider things like this.
  13. Kush always never anything else 1 kush blunt to yourself and your fucked

  14. Like most everyone has said, kush is a high-grade indica dominant strain. Nothing wrong with a kush, I snatch that shit up in an instant. However, if there's a sativa dominant right next to it (Trainwreck, etc) that's my go to; no doubt. I prefer sativas over anything because I feel like I can get lost in that high. BUT: Everyone prefers different things, once you distinguish the difference for yourself you'll find what you prefer.

    Blaze on yo! :bongin:
  15. kush is indica or indica dominant
  16. I want to buy seed too, and grow it myself, but aren't it illegal? I mean wouldnt it be ease to be caught? Since you will have to give out an address when they ship it... Sry if my question sounds stupid... I am a noobie :p
  17. you send seeds to a PO box or else a neighbors/friends house. never to the grow location. assuming you're going to do a fairly small grow then it's actually fairly easy to stay safe, the biggest problems are smell (you need a well ventilated area) and light/electricity (seeing huge jumps in electricity usage is a clear sign of grow ops).

    pure sativa doesn't exist. nor does pure indica. all strains of marijuana in existence today are a mix, however imbalanced the mix might be.
  18. If you're growing for personal use, which would be a small grow, you should be able to do it safely.

    it will take a small investment and might end up costing you as much or more than buying (initially) but it's worth it to get a high end setup that provides you with as much as you want :p

    If you try to grow more than you need then your risks go up.
  19. Isnt kush a type of strain like og kush or somthing. Op theres 3 types of cannibis indica sativa and rauttules idk how to spell it but its not kush
  20. ruderalis I believe...

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