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Indica or Sativa?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by MarijuanaBudha, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. I Like a 100% sativa to wake and bake with and a 100% indica at night it keeps things in balance.
    Which do you prefer?
  2. Indica all day.
  3. Sativa for the day than Indica at night to snoooooze:poke:
  4. I've really always been a sativa kind of guy personally. I guess it depends on the situation I am in though. If i'm chilling with some buddies, or wake and baking, or going to work or class, its for sure a sativa for me. Nothing like getting your head up in the clouds.

    Indica is also good though in certain situations. After work, or class, when i'm about to surf the web, listen to some beats, and go to sleep i'll crave that indica. But those are really the only times that I want indica, when i'm about to go to sleep or know i'm just going to lay around.

    All around though, if asked my favorite.....

  5. It seems that Sativa is the most favored so far.
  6. most def. Sativa, I like to be productie when high. shatter the stereotype of the "lazy stoner" but Indica is good for reading and sleep aid.

  7. And I have a feeling that is probley how the poll will turn out in the end. I'd really argue that sativa is the superior bud though. It is more versitle in the sense that it is easier to function while enjoying the effects (For me atleast). Everytime I smoke indica, I ALWAYS end up yawning and going and taking a nice weed nap shortly after smoking, which really isn't my thing. I enjoy being active and finding new things to do. Indica really hinders that for me.

    But again Indica is so damn good in its own way. Its like comparing two fine ass porn stars, they're both amazing, but in the end it just ends up being personal preferance.
  8. I like both, depending on the situation. The euphoria of a strong body high is sort of irreplaceable. I miss it when I smoke pure sativas, but I like being able to do stuff, and I definitely like a head high.

    I like hybrids best, probably. But like I said, it's situational. I voted 50/50.
  9. I like smoking a strong indica right before I fall asleep. Speaking of wich I JUST packed a bowl that i'm about to roast and pass out with.
  10. too much sativa and I get too anxious for some reason
  11. They are both good but I have to go with the indica. It just chills you out so you can relax.
  12. If only you could keep the body high but also be able to function and stay awake that would be cool
    I find that the high sativas are more psychedelic and when you some and take adderal its hard to sleep :cool:
  13. If I had a choice between indica, sativa, and hyrbid. I would chose it all

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