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  1. How long after germination can one usually tell if a plant is an indica or a sativa?
  2. Thats a tough call since plants can have varying degrees of sativa or indica.A lot of ppl will say that a sativa strain gennerally grows taller and has longer, thinner leafsets while indica runs lower and has shorter fatter leafsets.If you want a pure sativa or indica then i think you would have to look to a seed bank.To get a good idea just from the leaves i would say at least 2 weeks.
  3. Most of the time it'll be an indica/sativa mix. I prefer the latter mostly. I'm assuming you've collected some seeds from your various bags over the years?? Good show. I'll be posting some pics of some babies here soon...doing the same thing if that is indeed correct. Good luck...
  4. I don't think I've ever had a sativa. From what I've read people seem to prefer them over indicas.
  5. Hmm, I've seen pictures of people's plants that looked indica at around the two week mark but turned out to be sativas.
  6. Preference for sativa or indica is purely personal choice.

    Indica gives more of a body stone, sometimes referred to as "couchlock" (because you can find yourself sitting motionless on the couch for a long time). It is definitely the preferred effect by medicinal growers because it has the strongest impact on pain and appetite.

    Sativa gives more of a head high, anywhere from clear creative thinking to borderline psychedelic "trippy" effects to downright anxiety and paranoia.

    I am not aware that recreational users as a group tend to prefer one over the other. The reality is that the vast majority of recreational users are smoking hybrids anyway.
  7. Most of the strains available today are hybrids containing both indica/sativa genetics to different degrees.. With these it's a lil harder, and takes a lil longer to figure out just how sativa, or indica dominant a specific plant is.. Like my ppp will grow very similar to an indica dominant strain, until it hits flower, and stretches out, and takes on a more sativa leaf structure, and bud shape.

    Usually if it has skinny sativa-ish leaves early on it's safe to say it's gonna be sativa dom, but I have seen to many of the opposite, or plants having indica leaves in veg, only to take on more sativa traits in flower to gamble on them..

    So with a hybrid I don't pass judgment until flower, and even then smoking a sample is the most telling with these newer developed sativa-indica hybrid crosses...

    2 weeks after germination though.... Gees 2 weeks it's just becoming apparent your actually growing a plant with a marijuana leaf structure, nevermind trying to figure out if it's gonna be sativa or indica dominant at the time of harvest.

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