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Indica or Sativa?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Red Eye Jedi Og, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. I wish I had access to different strains. All that I usually get around here are Indica's that put me to sleep real good but one time in the summer me and a friend bought some green that must have been a real good Sativa cause we ended up running all the way back to his house giggling like maniacs.

  2. hmm so ur a fan of the west coast dank hahah OCEAN GROWN :smoking:
  3. Wish the states of MD and NY were medical, I keep finding high mids and not real dank.
  4. Hybrid in the day. Indica's any other time of day!
    That pure sativa stuff give me the shakes.
  5. Sativa-dominant would be my guess, even though I have no clue what the strains are where i'm from.... But I hate it when I get a strong indica and just feel like fucking sleeping a bit after I smoke. I would pick sativa any day over an indica.
  6. Indica, I smoke at night. Hybrids are good too though.
  7. I like indica to destress and relax, when I'm alone or maybe with one friend. But when i'm in social situations or going out I love sativa. I usually don't have the choice between the two though, it's whatever I can get lol
  8. Indicas because they relieve my pain the best.
  9. I love the taste and the non-laziness that comes with smoking stativas (not that I don't like the taste of Indicas lol) I like to mix it up though, smoking blue cheese tonight.
  10. You're looking in the wrong places, in from MD and I never fail at finding dank bud
  11. Yeah there's a lot of dank in MD,just for very high prices.
  12. I pay the standard 20$/g here. You just have to know the right people, my connect had a 15$/g deal all last week.
  13. Depends on my mood and whether I'm alone or with some people. Can't go wrong with either, really
  14. Indica fOr sure. I don't enjoy sativa highs, get a lil paranoid and can't handle my shy cuss I'm a lil bitch but indicas are nice. Got a gram of blueberry and then had to grab another eighth cuss it's such a nice high
  15. I like really heavy indicas. I've always smoked a lot of kush so I don't really get the couch lock effect be but I've had occasions when I first started smoking where I probably smoked more than I could handle and just ended up knocking out like with in seconds.
  16. I like variety so I can not choose but if I had to I'd pick a hybrid.

  17. Sativa or Sativa dominant, don't particularly like Indica.
  18. Sativa.... the stuff I have now has to be Indica, so feckin' tired all the time with it
  19. Used to sativa, so sativa for me.
  20. during the daytime, sativa, when it's nighttime, indica.

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