Indica or sativa?

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  1. Ok I got plants that are 2 weeks old still in the plastic cups ...

    The problem is that they aren't growing vertically, its on the second node

    There are about 4 branches though.. is this a Pure Indica ?

    I will post a few pics but bare with me there off the webcam....:(

    Umm also took a few plants out and was astonished to see the root system on

    one of them ... The roots are spiraling on the base of the cup.. cannabis has an

    amazing root system:eek:... If I find that same plant before transplanting ima

    take pics... Also this is a rooftop grow.. where its getting atleast 7-10 hours of

    direct sunlight... Suggestions GC growers...:wave:

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  2. yea dude, roof top grow. isnt it hard to water?
  3. Hmm for some reason they are not .... I water every other day... umm but wait till i post pics of that root system on one of them... they are searching for space I have to transplant them.. dude have you ever seen roots spiraling on the bottom ... usually they uproot towards to top of the soil... haha def gotta post pics on that ...any suggestions will they be fine in plastic cups the picture posted is actually one of the bigger cups... noodle cup haha Il keep it updated with pics roof setup the works.. its just that I aint got a iphone or anything with good megapixels.. You got a grow currently bro ??
  4. you need to get them into bigger containers. by limiting root growth, you could stunt them.
  5. in the process of germinating. i effed things up which is setting me back like 2 weeks already. Im becoming impatient with these damn seeds. might all be duds

  6. Yeah Growbot I know ... But im currently setting up the roof ... needs alot of work with keeping the area secluded from the neighbors.. thanks for following up though buddy.. subb up and enjoy the ride ima transplant tom or the day after.
    What are you currently growing ? Can you tell if there Indica's?

  7. Alright tell me this, how do the seeds look like?

    Are they dark,big and stripey?

    If there light green/green don't work with them.
  8. i will definatly be hitting u up with results
  9. Im currently transplanting 6 of my 20 for personal consumption... i think ima grow the rest at other peoples house and share the harvest or take them to ma pops farm... Wish me luck.... Hope they are feminized ... someone told me seeds of buds can be feminized ... I doubt thats true ... Any input from some experienced growers would be helpful..

    Ima transplant 6 and wait for it to adjust.. will update soon ....

  10. We have plenty of water tanks on the roof here... Just fill up a bucket which is next to the plants and water ... Ill take pics when i see some drastic changes kronic:wave:
  11. Hello canasmoke your grow is indica seed bag you say is there an order as not roots when i token mine out of there first home the roots where winding up on the bottom like a coils when you move them to there new home ie bigger bucket at less a 1 gl break up through root not just push in on the side to soften it the roots should work there way out word.
    Also don't just poor water in the center on the plant make sure you get the outer dirt wet the roots well go looking for water i
  12. Cool bro.. yeah i figured that out ... i watered the transplanted ones heavily.. ima post pics of the works... all the little babies and the ones that I chose to transplant so far...But yeah roots will usually work downwards and horizontally they dont really use the upper portion on the plants ....

  13. seeds from hermied plants equal hermied offspring.....
  14. Both male and female seed come from buds what you may be talking about is the process of making female seed
    What they do is treat a bud what a chemical to Chang xs into ys and breader may have there owen method i turns the seeds female
    And growbot is right about hermies, hermies are a product of treating the seeds

  15. Cool bro ima check it out... thanks for the input.. pics will be up soon

  16. that stripey look is just a thin shell that can come off, leaving you with a light green/green seed that is fine to germinate.....

  17. Oh okay never knew that ... but usually seeds that crack when pressed in btwn
    you fingers wont work... you gotta test them also bigger seed are usually better
    I had these bagseeds they were ok seeds but all worked out ...
  18. i've got some pure sativa beans that are friggin tiny!
  19. hmmm probably most of these bagseeds where mid sized a few where rather big...
    But yeah all germinated... What ever works :p genetics got something to do with it!!!
    Im still waiting on the pics waiting for some growth.. keep on the thread GrowBot share yours ...Ive been busy lately so ima post soon ... show you my 20 babies and some transplanted.. I got a funny grow basically scattered all around my families house haha ma uncles terrace grandmoms garden haha and a chose the best for my first ever rooftop grow... Share your MG grow? bot ..

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