Indica or Sativa? Take a guess.

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  1. So 13 days ago I found a seed in some bud from a dispensary in Denver. I decided to put it between a couple paper towels, and look what happened! My guess is Indica, but it might be too early to tell.

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  2. For sure some indica in that.
  3. If its from a dispensary wouldn't you know the strain already?
  4. Half of the strain, yes. Who knows what pollinated it though.
  5. Way too early to tell.  Sure its got a fatter leave at he moment but that really means nothing  I've had some almost pure Sativa's that had fatter leaves till o month or two into budding.  Give it a few months if you really want a good guess at it.  My opinion anyway.
  6. ...what? It had to of been caused from rodelization. No dispensary would purchase from someone who allowed a male to slip through in their crop. Those buds would be absolutely full of seeds.
  7. Great to hear. Now I just have to call them and figure out what the hell "Railroad Thai" is... I'm kind of thinking Casey Jones.
  8. Haha. Google seedfinder and see if it's on there buddy. Or simply just type the name into google ^.^
  9. I figured it was too early, this post was merely for speculation and so a Canadian could be mean for the first time ever :).
  10. Indica and sativa leaves are distinctly different. If you see characteristics of both, it's either a hybrid, or a strain with dominant indica or dominant sativa features with a minimal percentage of the other. This one appears to be indica. Sativa leaves are the long slender ones that come to mind immediately when you think of pot leaves.
  11. "Type it into Google." You'll find a restaurant that's going under renovations.
  12. It's really weird that I can't find a single thing about the strain on Google. Can't even find reference to the strain. Hmmm...
  13. I know. My friends call me Google for a reason :). Also read through a few generations of Thai hybrids on seedfinder. I tried calling the dispensary today to ask them about it, but they are closed on Sundays, so I'll just ask tomorrow. The strain is either Headband OG x Railroad Thai or Blue Dream x Railroad Thai. I don't remember what bottle it came out of.
  14. Should've went with Bing?
  15. Okay yeah I saw mention of a HB OG x RT but no specifics.
  16. Yahoo it.  You will get alot more results most times.  Less censoring also.
  17. That means they 'railroaded' you when they told you what it was...
  18. Only thing that led me to Casey Jones was that he was a train conductor and it is a Thai hybrid. Either that or it's just a no name Thai that they wanted to sound special.

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