Indica or Sativa. Most attractive plant?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by tom1981, May 14, 2011.

  1. Which do you think is the most attractive plant out of the 2?
  2. Whichever one is short and fatty. looks symmetrical and nice :)
  3. I happen to think lots of big buds are attractive. I'd lean towards a hybrid of the two...sativa dominant.

  4. poor answer but thanx

  5. ok,,im just doing a poll,,results sre good:)
  6. Them indica leaves look beautiful! and imho are more asthetically pleasing!
  7. Indica. Just looks cooler to me
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    That would be indica
  9. Yeah got to admit, ive got a couple of each sat/ind, but the indicas are a far nicer looking plant. Their "fat bitches"
  10. I like taller lady's myself

  11. I much prefer short, like 5ft 2" and a fat it
  12. Couldnt have been said better....period
  13. Now it sounds like you are talking about real ladies! LOL!

  14. im talkin bout bitches. Bitches are bitches whether u smoke em or fuck em. Same thang
  15. Yeah but I like my fuckable bitches small and my smokeable ones big and fat.
  16. i like this thread lol! i prefer indicas simply for the short and bushyness and the heavyset high!!!!
  17. Indica is were its at.
  18. Oh yeah almost forgot. Indica all the way. But I do grow both.

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