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Indica knockin' me out.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hippie flip, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. #1 hippie flip, Sep 27, 2010
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    So I got this weed and it must be an indica or at least indica dominant because I just keep falling asleep :laughing: i had a wake and bake this morning and had a good time then started falling asleep, couldnt get off the couch and eventually napped for about an hour, i got up because i didnt want to miss dinner but everytime i close my eyes i practically fall asleep, ready to go to sleep for the night at like 7 pm. i'm guessing this is my first run in with an indica dominant strain, i dont know if i like it:confused:
  2. alot of older people i know start there day off with sativa and add more indica through out the day. i like to smoke indica all day everyday but i have a tolerance where i dont really get high off sativas
  3. I'd just spark up another bowl. That always seems to wake me up, at least until I start coming down from the high.
  4. If you aren't a big Indica fan then it's not a good idea to wake in bake with them. It will give you pretty strong couch lock and a nice body high that will make you so comfortable you can sleep easier. Indicas are usually good for chilling around the house, playing video games, watching tv/movies or just hanging around with your friends and talking.

    Sativas will get you to feel more of a head high and maybe more energetic and want to move around and do things, and think about a lot of different things.

    I personally prefer Indica and pretty much smoke indica or indica dominant 90% of the time (smoking a bowl of purple kush at the moment and have 7 strains at the moment 5 of which are almost 100% indica). I've gotten used to being able to smoke it during the day without getting really tired. And after a day of smoking indica all day reading a book and sleeping is great.
  5. yeah dont get me wrong i did enjoy it, i watched a movie and it was perfect for that just seems to have zapped all the energy from me
  6. I don't like indicas either. I hate feeling like I'm being dragged down by my own body. I love the clean, pure, crisp cerebral high of sativa (hence my username.) Besides which, every freak-out I've ever had has been on indica, because it makes me unsure of whether or not I'm breathing. I actually stopped breathing once on indica. My lips turned blue and my skin was cold and I ended up throwing up in the bathroom of a Mcdonald's lol. I didn't smoke again for a year and a half. But, after a while I got up the nerve to take a few hits. I learned how to control the indica high, and to force myself to realize that I will breathe if I let myself. Also, it helps me to know that IT'S ALL IN YOUR MIND. Your body will only do what your mind tells it to, and if your mind is cool, then you're cool. And your mind is cool, because Mary Jane is wise and loving and will never hurt you =)
  7. When you first starting smoking heavy indica strains it'll knock you out. But when you smoke more indica strains that eventaully passes. I only smoke indica and i can wake and bake without problems.
  8. If the indica is too strong for ur liking then instead of using a full bowl of the sativa use half and the other half of a sativa/sativa dom that u like, then u may decide to gradually reduce the amount of sativa as time goes on. I was recently smoking a strong batch of master kush and that shit used to leave me almost crippled but i started adding other types of weed to my bowls and experimenting and i found one that really mixes well with it. i personally like sativa dominant and dont like pure sativa or pure indica.

  9. thanks but the thing is i pretty much just get what im given, dont get a choice over indica or sativa. its all good though

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