Indica I guess

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  1. 9E262DAC-A0D0-4903-AE21-6F8CD8F2651E.jpeg 2E991741-D8D3-444D-A035-10CE3A2C1074.jpeg Looking at leaf shape it looks like indica
  2. It's too early to determine indica or sativa. How old is that plant and what medium are you using?
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  3. Indica or no we need a transplant asap
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  4. Like joshua said you need to transplant Into quality cannabis growing soil. Weed does not like clay very much. ;)
  5. Was this thing like where you were throwing your beans in the back yard and one by chance sprouted in the flower pot?
  6. Its a natural organic soil thats free in India which is full of nutrition and natural fertilizer
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    Check my other grow where I am using same natural soil available in india
    Seedling to Harvest Mission leaves in this thread looks like sativa
  8. I'll ask again: How old is that plant?
    I looked over your attached thread and it appears you had problems with slow growth with that plant as well. You might take the advice given and consider adding perlite to your soil mix. Unless you like slow growth.
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    Thanks for letting me know slow growth.
    I thought its normal in India. My bad. I should change soil then.
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  10. 36EC7800-3A7B-45AD-9B5F-DED613287F08.jpeg DB35404F-AB45-47AB-A640-10A852D7F27E.jpeg Update
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  11. What's the purpose of the update?
    Have things changed since yesterday?
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