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  1. Im growing 1 plant for the first time using 2 45w 6400k daylight cfl lights. im going to get a 150w red 2700k cfl with a reflector to flower its about 1 month old now is it ok to flower in a weeks time ?

    some of the bottom leavs have nute burn off using mirace gro. iv stoped using it now

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  2. Yeah, you're fine to flower, and your plant looks extremely healthy, but should consider spending a little more on some lights. If you tripled the amount of light you used for a mere $10 your plant could be double to triple that size. Like I said, your plant's health is very good, but you're cheating yourself by using only 90w. Your grams per watt may go down slightly, but who cares? We're talking about a low-watt situation here where grams/watt is immaterial. My advice/opinion: do some topping, at least on the main branch, and get a couple more CFLs and reflector clamps to shine on the sides of the plants, then flower and you will have very nice harvest. I'd give another week to veg if you do this.

    BTW, it sounds like you don't have the 150w CFL yet. Don't get it. Instead, get 6 23/26w CFLs. You will come out with a similar wattage, but considerably higher lumens PLUS you can strategically place them around the outer edges, and get light to those hard to reach lower nodes.

    Good luck, looks like you are only limited by your equipment, not your skill!
  3. yeah its just to hard to place all the bulbs around it and im in the uk and cant find any reflector clamps, i would be hard to get 6 bulbs around it than one at the top and 2 at the sides. and for topping iv never done it befor lol what should i cut off ? thanks for the help :)
  4. definently subscribing, good luck in flowering
  5. thanks :) Im going to get a 300w red 9u giant cfl insted of the 150w and put it on the top and get a 45w 2700k for the side with the 2 blue cfls. this is it --

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