Indica and Sativa concentrates

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  1. For someone who always preferred indica flower strains because sativa ones too often made me feel like a ball of nerves (making my circulation race waaaay too quickly), I wish I had that same preference when it came to concentrates, but unfortunately I found the vast majority of indica strains - whether they be ANY of the Kushes, Northern Ligths, Blueberry, etc. - tasting shwaggy, disagreeable, off.
    As a result, for concentrates, I buy only sativa.
    Even rosin - regardless if it's I or S - I don't get anymore.
    And what is it with diamonds being so smooth that it barely has any taste, at all?
    Lamenting the extremely rare and superior PHO.
    There - my whining in paradise for the day.
    So am I the only one who's basically written off indica concentrates?
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  2. Not me. I have no choice but to use Indica. I have an irregular heartbeat and can't use Sativa. And I've been missing Colombian Gold and Mowie Wowie.
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  3. And pardon all the subject changes in my post. Shakes fist in the air in anger at the stoner gods.
    Just basically the opening statement and concluding question will do if that's all you time for addressing.
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    Heh, I have bad arrhythmia, myself, but it's been thankfully almost completely dormant over the past 18 or so months, and have been partaking on daily basis, as ever. I'm being foolish, but I also figure eff it.

    And then there's some of those incredible sativa terp sauces...

    ETA - Ah, sorry OrionM42 - I didn't see your answer in time. (noob here gettin in swing of things)
  5. The only real difference between indica and sativa as it pertains to the effects one feels is the terpene profile.
    Get to understand terps and how they work on one’s metabolism and you will see how the cannabis plant works different for everyone.
    The synergy between the terpenes and cannabinoids is what make each strain and phenotype of said strain unique!
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  6. Opps.
    Welcome to the City.
    I'll actually type my post now.
    Damn fumble fingers.
  7. @The Anti-Eric Carmen

    Disagreeable taste, flavor , smell is almost always incorrect drying either to fast or to deep preventing or skipping a cure at all as they think if it is for concentrate it doesn't need it.

    As far as strain most of what we see now is hybrid and finding a true pure or near pure of either Indica or Sativa is getting more rare all the time.

    It's that time again.
    Power shaking rules
    After shake
    GAWD !!!
    I love doing this

    Separated from the plant material all the Kief (Trichomes) smell identical. If I grow 20 strains all the jars of Kief will have the same identical spicy smell but no individual identifiers. Smoking it is all the same. I used to keep it all separated by strain both for smoking and as edibles but it wasn't long before I stopped bothering as it didn't make a damn bit of difference.
    Your mileage may vary.

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  9. Ah, interesting. Thank-you!
  10. That's ok, sweetie. And I'm NOT a fan of Eric Carmen myself.
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  16. No such thing as indica or sativa in terms of commercial cultivation. It's all just terpene profiles. Leafly had a pretty sweet tool for that. Too bad it's gone. I prefer; Lemonene, Myrcene and Terpinolene. Myrcene is a given, it's more than 90% of any cannabis terpenes.
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  17. Yup, terpenes profiles are how cannabis should be classified.
    Many don’t care, but realizing how those terps effect your high can be an incredibly useful tool. I’m a big fan of Caryophylene, it has great calming effects and adds the peppery, spicy aroma.
    Myrcene can indeed be the dominant cannabinoid in many profiles, those are usually indica dominant. But it can also be practically non existent, allowing terps like Limonene and Pinene to take the lead, those are more sativa dominant.
    In both cases however, the total percentage of cannabinoids usually tops out around 30-40%. :thumbsup:
  18. I thought myrcene was the smell of weed.
  19. Myrcene is an interesting one. It definitely adds to the aromas, but isn’t always present at levels that would make it the primary scent. It’s similar to Caryophylene with its spicy, peppery tones.
    I have a cultivation facility and we test every strain on every run. I grow for bag appeal, and I watch the terpene profiles on each test as much as the cannabinoid potency. I have had Myrcene test as high as 2% , which is crazy high, and as low as .04%.
    Most of our clients are mellowed out by low to moderate levels of Myrcene, but once it gets above the 1.5% mark it can actually produce some anxiety.
    So much is still to be discovered about cannabis. What an amazing plant!:)
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