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IndianaToker's Back In The House!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IndianaToker, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. Hello all my fellow blades and bladies! I hope that you all had a great Christmas. I just got back from Iowa today, thought I'd drop in and say hi to all the fam here.

    So what's new? Did I miss anything important? How ya doing out there Sid, RMJL, and Cottons?

    Had a great time in Iowa. Got to hang out with my little bro (14), it was a load of fun. They sure do seem to grow up too damn fast though! Seems like just yesterday I was picking on him.

    And I was lucky enough to be able to share some of Indiana's finest with some old friends from back in the day. Nothing like catching up to old times in front of a nice roaring fire, and burning a bowl. :)

    Good to be back home again, and just wanted to let ya know that I missed all of ya! See ya on the boards!
  2. Glad you made it back
  3. Hey how's it going there mate?....i've been away as well...down in Burmingham and Yorkshire....i posted about my'll find it's under "i'm back" how far is Iowa from you??.....Peace out....Sid
  4. hey indiana...

    <font size="+2">welcome back</font>


    i'm glad to hear you had a good time. i've been getting wrecked since the 20th... might be shroomin' tonight. depends on if i feel like dishin' out 40 bills though. lol.

    hope ya have fun for new years =)
  5. I missed ya, Indiana! I'm glad you had a good time while you were deserting us!!! LOL!

    Later, dude! I doubt I'll be able to meet you in the Good Morning thread tomorrow unless it's way in the afternoon. I'm planning on hurting!!!! :)
  6. Good to hear from all of ya!! Sid, sounds like you had a great trip. Lots of fun! Cottons, I'm glad you're finally able to be wrecked again! And RMJL, don't worry....I won't be in the good morning thread until afternoon tomorrow either!

    *Does happy to be back home at the City dance*
  7. welcome back

  8. hmmm... i'm not able to get wrecked. i picked me up a bottle of niacin so i could get my ass clean before i start getting UTed. it's all good though. i got to have a blast over christmas break.. and my boy's got shrooms again, so i can do those from time to time :D

    ::does happy indiana's back at the city dance::
  9. good to see you again! :)

    *doing the dance*

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