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Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by IGotTheCottons, Jan 31, 2003.

  1. anyone out there know where indianatoker's been? haven't seen him around for a while.
  2. probably indiana, just a guess though.
  3. I haven't seen him for a while..
  4. yea where is that computer nerd?
  5. thast weird as hell someone noticed he hadnt posted in awhile...i was just thinkin the same thing yesterday...CRAZYYYYYYYY
  6. Yeah, where the hell is Indy?

    He's probably learned the trick. Stay away long enough for people to miss you and to post a thread asking where you are so you can make a grand return home to bask in all the excitement from you being gone...everybody does it!

    Or...he could have killed one of those idiots at work who keeps screwing things up.

    ...yes, DirtyD, you are supposed to keep track of all of us!!!!
  7. ...that ol hoopty..

    he was in the middle of helping me with my comp..then disdapeared.
  8. yeah i havn't seen him for a while, maybe his jobs got the better of him for a while!!.....Peace out....Sid
  9. Hey Dirty D. I'm reporting in right here..
  10. Right here, DirtyD!!!! Here I am!!!

    (Tell MrsD that I said HIGH and that she's missed!!!!!!)
  11. hey


    im here


  12. I'm still here.

    I still haven't seen Indianna. It is odd though.
  14. i am here.... or am i
  15. You mean he's been here and hasn't posted!!!!

    Indy man, you're in trouble!!!!! Big trouble, Mister!

  16. hey dirtyd... i'm here... sometimes :D

    o0o0o... indy's been all lurky and such.

    *tsk tsk*
  17. i miss the dingusus
  18. around the corner...

    does this mean the dingusus have fixed their internet and are going to be sharing biscuits and bongs with us now?
  19. im in south arkansas....south arkansan here!!
  20. just outside philly, in lower bucks county :D

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