Independent Pilots.

Discussion in 'General' started by Flemian, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. The public should start flying more often with Independent pilots that would take you for whatever they feel is a good fee.

    I see kids being touched and searched in airports and it disgust me. If I ever flown I would definatly fly threw an Independent pilot if possible.
  2. If I had the beans to fly, I would seek this option out as well. I dig it.
  3. Like taking a bus.. but it's an airplane. Do you think the general public would feel comfortable enough to do that, though?

    How come nobody's found a way to make jets or airplanes cheap enough to become as mainstream as cars? We're making all these technological advances, can talk to someone virtually face to face, halfway across the world, but can't make a jet pack that could last you for years and go 60mph.

    Actually typing that out and thinking about it made me realize how difficult that would actually be... Nonetheless, I still think it could be done if enough effort was put into it.
  4. My girls brother is an "Independent" pilot and I know his only issue even with little cessna's is that gas is pretty expensive, I mean I think he said something like $500 from Miami to Atlanta in gas alone. Now if that's both ways, Im down.

    I know he just flys for fun sometimes too so maybe its not that costly and he just didn't want to go see his fiance so he made up some shit to get out of it :laughing:.

    Pretty good idea OP especially if you find one you trust and stuff, Could be a much more comfortable situation. :bongin:
  5. i always pull out a bag of sugar at airports just so i get the cavity search
  6. I'm sure there would be independent pilots willing to do the same thing. Probably wouldn't even need the sugar. :laughing:

  7. he'll be gettin some sugar alright...
  8. Is sugar a man?
  9. Trains are pretty tight too.:cool:
  10. Interesting idea. Can an independent pilot fly across state and country boarders?
  11. I'd assume so. I don't think they launch a fighter jet every time an independent plane crosses state line?
  12. You don't know how much shit i got through for having an Egyptian passport.

    Still wouldn't fly with an independent pilot.

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