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  1. Idk if there's a thread for this. But I want to share a few of the cool indie flicks I have watched that are not very well known, yet have an inspiring message or plot, or stories that we all can relate to.

    Made in China
    Sleep walk with me

    Those are some recent ones I have seen.
    Post yours but tell whats special about them.
    If possible, POST ONLY ONE and tell us WHY we should watch it. I'll start.
  2. Made in China

    Why you should watch this:
    The story is of a man set out to become a millionaire by inventing something you would have never thought could be made money from.
    An example is the Pet Rock of the 70's. the fad lasted only 6 months but the inventor made 18 million.
    It shows how he is misled and robbed in china but still he chases his goal until he gets it.
    His family wont help and he has no friends to help either. Only a few investors. Like 2.

    The movie is great and shows many facts about how easy it is to get rich with the right idea.

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