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  1. Hey everyone. So I'm planing a scrog to start in September I have a 3x3 tent a 400watt in a cool tube 6in inline fan. Anyway I'm having a hard time choosing what strain/ strains to use & how many plant's to fill my screen.
    I have at my disposal.
    Rqs critical as a clone
    Rqs cheese as a seed
    Berry white soon to push roots my avatar pic
    Dinafem diesel as seeds

    Now do you guys & gals think I should do a single plant or a multi plant scrog if multiple plants then witch ones & could I do a seed plant & a clone or should I stick to seeds or to clones & not mix them together because of the differing growth pattern they will have. I'm a little confused about how to go about it I guess & I'm lookin for opinions
    Thanks in advance everyone
  2. Good questions, I think. I've never scrog'd a clone, but I've scrogged multiple plants from seeds. I had two plants in a 4'x4', and it was cozy... In a 3'x3', you could do one or two plants, but, personally, I would only do one at a time. It will take longer to fill the screen, but only a bit more time in veg. It's worth it to veg a few weeks more and have the extra space to move around beneath the screen, IMO.

    In regards to strains, I've never grown any of those that you listed, but I would try and read reviews from others who have grown those strains so they can tell you how the plant liked to grow. Check out in their strain database. It probably won't matter too much, in any case though.
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  3. if your going to do a seed and a clone i'd make sure the seed is up and growing about a week or two before the clone is in soil. cause those clones will leave the seedling behind.

    as for plant count it depends on veg time. if your veg'ing long (2 months plus) i'd go with two plants and flip when they fill about 2/3-3/4 of the screen... same rule of thumb no mater plant count.

    strain I'm no help for.
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  4. Couldn't agree more.
    Two months is quite a while for two plants in 6 square feet... I'm currently growing two plants in 8 square feet, and I veg'd for a bit more than 60 days, and my tent was full. I know that this is strain dependent, but I think that OP might find that it's full sooner than 60 days. I wholeheartedly agree that when the screen is 2/3-3/4 full, you should flip to flower. The stretch will fill up the remainder.
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  5. note, if in soil 2/3-3/4 rule of thumb is good for filling the screen, but if in hydro well you may want to flip when it's half full.

    I'm did my first dwc from clone. usually when I flip in soil the plant gains 6-8 inches at any height. but for dwc my plant easily doubled in height and is working on tripling its height. I think the strain I have is a more stable pink kush pheno.
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  6. Thank you everyone for the advice I'm going to go with
    Dinafem diesel seed plant in a 10gal plastic pot with ocean Forrest as my soil with a 450cfm inline, dina gro as my nutes tap water ph'ed to 6.3 to 6.8 with the mentioned 400watt cool tube i think it'll be good to go as long as i don't screw anything up. If you guys have anymore advice I'd benefit from I'm all ears.
    Well i guess eyes in this case.
    Thanks again.
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  7. I respect the thought and planning that you're putting into this.

    A few thoughts:
    - Consider getting a fan speed controller to tone your inline fan down a bit. I got a similar CFM fan for my tent so I think you're right on with the size of fan, but our fans are powerful enough to create negative pressure, which is good to an extent. Too much negative pressure is bad and can cause our tents to bow in, restricting canopy space. It's nice to have the ability to tone it down to minimum in veg, and maybe turn it up a bit in flower, to control heat.
    - Consider adding silica to your water every so often (I do it once a week). Silica helps strengthen plant stalks to support weight, and you want strong stalks to support so many tops in your scrog. I use Pro-Tekt.
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  8. Thanks I've jumped in feet first more then once figued I'd give this one some forethought. I already got one forgot to mention it. I've been contemplating the silica it's an interesting topic I'll do more research & probably buy a little bottle of the pro tekt as it has the best concentration of silica.
    Thanks a bunch man I really appreciate your input.
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  9. Ok so your set exactly the same as mine prior to me switching to led for my latest grow.

    400w in a 3x3 could yield anywhere between 6-10oz of 1 plant. You wont get much difference running two plants .

    With regards to strains indicas are great and do brilliantly in a scrog of that size either in pairs or individually. Sativas i would only do on their own i.e 1 plant at a time.

    I would advise getting a nice big pot if rinning 1 plant. I seem to top out at around 215 g with a 5.5gallon autopot. If you could get a 10 gallon pot you may well get more.

    Veg time on a single plant to fill a 3x3 your looking at 4 weeks if you fill it prior to switch. You may want to fill out the net using the stretch in flower and only veg for 2 -3 weeks.
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  10. Nice I was going to do 10gal of some ocean Forrest anyway & figured I could easily fill my tent / screen with the dinafem diesel that i was going to pop in some soil in a week or 2 maybe 3 at the latest. I want to time it right it's been 95 here all week soon to cool down though & outdoor will come down by oct 20th or so & would like to be at least done with veg by then at the latest. it's not very important really although I would like some diesel in the mix with all the outdoor reefer.
    Thanks for the advice man I really appreciate it.

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