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  1. Gonna see them on the 28. missed out on 311 cause i got arrested haha, the fayette county police department owes me this
  2. haha enjoy incubus and 311 both rule..
  3. I saw em on the 9th. Amazing show, they played a lot of songs off of Morning View and ended it with Aqueous Transmission, which is my fav Incubus song :D
  4. yo man i might see you there!
  5. mm man I would like to see them :)
  6. fuck yeah man, i'll be blazed as shit most of the night, me and my friend are buying an ounce each just for that night.
  7. you lucky plucker.. have an awesome time!
  8. lucky dude. i love incubus not there new stuff so much but there old stuff ruled some hot flaming anus.
  9. I haven't really liked any of their stuff since Alex Katunich (Dirk Lance) left. Their old stuff though is some of the best around; S.C.I.E.N.C.E. is stupid good.
  10. fukin right bro. if we still have the money after buying the tickets me and my date will be splitting at least an eigth of the finest shrooms we can get our hands on:hello:
  11. god these threads make me smile. seems like i cant find anyone around here other than my boys that are down with incubus.

    and its too bad you couldnt see 311, lucky me i wasnt gonna miss that shit, it was awesome, but they didnt play who's got the herb...

    found out its a request song, so if someone in the crowd would have just yelled whos got the herb, or held up a sign or something they would have played it....

    dammit, it was so bad ass though

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