INCUBUS hifi buys ATL last night

Discussion in 'General' started by doindia, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. OMG aside from being the greatest concert of all time, i was blown away...

    they fuckin tore it to the ground on meglomaniac, and sick sad little world.

    sick weed
    sick lights
    mad hot girls

    wow it dosent get much better than that
  2. fucking awsome
  3. Incubus is awesome live, must have been a good time.
  4. Im glad you had suck a kickass time, wish I coulda gone.
  5. [​IMG] Love seeing incubus live. Im jealous~i havent seen them this past tour!
  6. your lucky bro ive never even seen them
  7. Haha my brother in law knew the guys from incubus... He went to high school with those fellas. He said they were pretty cool but they didn't come back and play at the reunion like they were scheduled to. :p

    Incubus fucking rocks~
  8. saw them at saratoga, i skeeted
  9. i wish someone had some footage of meglomaniac, and how they blew that shit out.

    i keep checking youtube, but nothing from this concert yet
  10. yeah man, that was pretty awsome. were where you? i had shitty lawn seats and almost go busted with a joint.
  11. we were 5 oclock looking at the stage, pretty good seats, we smoked a few blunts on the lawn and two cops in uniform, walk RIGHT by us, looked over and kept walking. i was whigged at first then i realized they knew the deal, i think they were just walking the crowd to make sure no one was pass out dead, or anything extreme.

    dude when we walked from the lawn back to our seats, the noise level was like going from a 6 to a 10 i was like omg it was def worth the evtra 10 bucks. but hifi's lawn is the shit.

    i was a LITTLE dissapointed they didnt encore the warmth...

    btw i forgot my lighter in the car so i bummed lights from a different guy every blunt i smoked. you didnt by chance let anyone borrow a light did you? hahaha that would be cool

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