Incubus Concert?

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  1. Anyone else from the Philly area gettin back from the Incubus concert at Penns Landing tonight? Amazing show, simply amazing.
  2. I'm still getting around to going to an incubus concert, but I'm dying to, they are fucking unbelieveable. how do they sound live? what songs did they play?
  3. ya please post their set list!
  4. They ran through all the classics on Make Yourself, Morning View, and Light Granades. To my disappointment, they didn't play any songs from Science, but the show was amazing none the less. The energy in the area was amazing, Incubus knows how to put on a great show.
  5. i saw them at jones beach last night

  6. Ah, I miss seeing shows at Penns Landing!!!

    Ahh!! Jones Beach is a KILLER venue! I bet this show was clutch!

    Yeah incubus live is awesome. They've come along way since The Fungus Amungus[​IMG] and S.C.I.E.N.C.E,theres a part of me that wishes they would go back to it, but whichever way they go, they are a great band..I do like the story and feeling behind Light Grenades..those lyrics from start to end of that album have been touching on a lot in my own world recently.

    Anyway, yes, Incubus live, is a show to see.[​IMG]

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