Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by HerbSensei420, May 14, 2011.

  1. This thing is badass, it's basically unbreakable, it hits like a champ and there smooth hits too.:D Just smoked mad chronic bowls out of this and I am very very medicated.
  2. That things sweet As hell!! How much did it run you?
  3. i've heard nothing but good about these things. that is the smaller one, right? i was thinking there is a bigger one that is maybe 8-12" long. good pickup though. every store i go to has these things. at least they are colorado made!!
  4. It ran me $65, and yes it is the smaller one called M420.
  5. The sherlock version is also available at, incredibowl's supplier, as well as the quick release draw. I'm hoping to get one of those soon.
  6. I know, I want the Sherlock attachment. There making tons more attachments too.
  7. Have you guys heard anything about them doing a glass tube yet. Last year they said they were gonna be working with ph(x) for glass attachments.

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