Incredibowl i420 or m420?

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  1. Hello everyone. I just joined GC and I am wondering if anyone can give me a little guidance on which version of the Incredibowl they would suggest. The money isn't the issue, but I am just wondering if getting the larger one is even worth the extra cash. Thanks.
  2. you decide

    [ame=]YouTube - Quick look at the incredibowl m420 (orange)[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Better look at the Incredibowl I420 p (1)[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Better look at the Incredibowl I420 p (2)[/ame]
  3. i have both i got the m420 first and liked it a bunch then got the i420, and that thing is awesome but both are bad ass!!
  4. yeah it depends on which you like, both of them are sick.
  5. I've seen people say that the mini can get hot, which isn't an issue at all ever with the regular one
  6. i vote for i420
  7. Is it something that you will be travelling with a lot in your pocket? If so then I say go for the mini. The i420 seems a bit big to carry in your pocket.

    Either way you'll probably be happy so no worries :smoke:
  8. Can't you get larger expansion chambers for them? wouldn't the mini + larger expansion chamber be the same as a regular Incredibowl?
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    I have the m420 and everyone loves it, I put it on my mini zong and my bigger bong that is 18.8>18.8

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