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  1. A friend and I are planning on getting one and I've done a ton of research on it and it seems pretty legit. I want to know what the cons of it are and do you have to clean it or change the screen?
  2. it's expensive
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    The screens that come with it are super fine, so if your bud is really ground up and falls through the little glass stems easily, or if it's just a heavy resin/tar producer, you'll probably end up clogging the screen once a week or so of heavy smoking once the screen starts collecting gunk...

    I go to the hardware store and get screens with bigger gaps, or poke holes into the clogged screens, and that solves the problem and I still don't get any ash in my mouth.

    The smoke chamber/tube is super easy to clean - some iso/rubbing alcohol on a paper towel wipes it all off right away - the tar doesn't stick very well to the polycarbonate or whatever it is, kind of like how food doesn't stick to teflon-coated no-stick cooking utensils.

    The only other cons I can think of, is that it's hard at first to know where you're actually supposed to hold the flame, but it becomes second nature once you're used to it, and that it's very difficult to videotape yourself using it...

  4. Exactly. You could get a nice glass bong for the same price ($200). Not worth it at the current price, IMHO.
  5. Get out of here with that shit.

    There's a thread going right now where people are justifying paying more than what the whole incredibowl kit costs for a single bowl attachment, just because it's artsy...
    It's a fairly simple piece of glass with a sandblasted logo, but put a big price tag on it and it turns to "art," and people can justify spending $170+ on it...

    Every day there are new threads where people show off or ask about some crazily overpriced glass, and everyone just praises it, no matter how ugly or stupid, or how many hundreds-thousands of dollars it costs. Someone's always there saying there's somebody out there that would happily pay that much for something they like...

    ...But one company comes out with something that ACTUALLY IS new and different from how any other smoking piece looks and works and you idiots attack it like the new company kicked your dog, just because it isn't made completely out of glass with "art" all over it.
  6. You need to relax, man.
  7. I understand you're just voicing your opinion...but so was he...I don't think there's a need to come off in a defensive manner over what was stated. :confused:

  8. I already have a Roor and a pipe and a bubbler so I figured I would try something new and from what I have seen and heard it is very worth the money. Not trying to be an ass but you say that it isn't worth the price, have you used it yet or are you just saying not worth it because of the price?
  9. ^
    i think the main reason for this is because blowing glass and putting those designs on it is an extremely difficult process while the incredibow looks extremely simple to put together and the parts that make it up cost no more than 45 dollars so they are making a HUGE profit margin on something that should be no more than 90 bucks
  10. Thanks for the info, Would putting a glass screen in the bowl help/slow down the clogging?
  11. I'm with you on the ridiculous prices for glass. But, that 'incredibowl', is a huge waste of money IMO. For that much money, I'd get a nice percolator bong... Even if the glass is 'cheap china glass". As long as you don't throw your bong around, it's all good.
  12. I don't think that the cost of glass is insane. It's a form of art, something not a lot of people can do even if you have the tools necessary. CNC and injection molding on the other hand is something that anyone can do if given the correct tools.
  13. i ordered the incredibowl on monday. i really dont give a shit about the price i have a job and can afford it so if its not good i will keep it and get something else. im sure it will still get you just as high as anything else, but the god damn volcaneo in iceland is delaying my shit lol fuck you volcanoe

  14. stupid earth and its antics.
  15. I need to change the title of this thread to Incredibowl i420 CONS... other than the price. I know how much it is people, as I stated, I did my research, if all your gonna say is it's a waste of money then please don't say anything...
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    I've never used a real glass screen, or even seen one in person, so I couldn't say. The hole in the stem is small compared to bong downstems, so it may not really fit.

    I use one of the included screens in the bigger bowl sometimes if my stuff's too broken up, and that really keeps it all clear, but the glass purist snobs would throw a fit...
    That's your opinion.
    My opinion is that 93% of the "art" posted on this forum is hokey as all get out and way overpriced. You really think anyone can just walk up to a cnc machine, punch a few buttons, and start turning out quality pieces?

    Yeah, for just as much money you'd get a piece that you have to be gentle with VS a piece that you can throw off a cliff... Sounds like a great deal.

    Plus you'd be supporting china's economy instead of colorado/the US's... Double great!

    Plus it'd have percolators man. PERCOLATORS! AWESOME!

    Please understand the sarcasm.

    You guys need to chill out.
  17. haha i know right

  18. I know its my opinion, I wasn't attacking you or anyone else. I agree, you can't just walk up to a CNC machine and crank out parts. But, once that machine has been programmed by someone who knows what they are doing, anyone can operate it with basic training and the machine will manufacture identical parts, one after another. The same can't be said for glass art...yes, the prices are high but it takes a lot of failures to make one awesome piece...

  19. HAHA Once again thanks man.

    and didn't you know..... PERCOLATORS get you sooooooo high man!! lol:yay:
  20. I'm just saying there are a lot more high priced failures on here than awesome pieces, and that "art" is a subjective term.

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