Incredibowl help!

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  1. Okay so I am really tempted to buy an incredibowl
    It just looks like a fun piece to add to your collection and I really want to try it out
    I am also uncertain as to if I want to buy the i420
    Or the m420

    Can anyone win me over on one of them?
    Or just simply share your experiences with the incredibowl

    Thanks in advance
    Stay high my friends
  2. Hey man I've had my i420 for close to a year Deffintly a good piece.
    Nice huge smooth hits and it's unbreakable . But the bowl Inside is glass so if u take it out to pack it a d it drops it will break I had to replace one but yeah I'm stoned so I'm rambiling but if you are smoking some good thru it like u should it let's u taste the weed better than most other pipes do I like it a lot it's Deffintly a good inves,tent
    Hope I could be some help happy toking
  3. The m420 has all kinds of attachments that you can add which is what I chose to do. I now use mine with the quickdraw trigger and the 10 inch extension tube or the glass sherlock and vapor dome for oils

    The one reason I would get the i420 is if extreme portability isn't your main concern (as in looking for the piece to fit in your pocket). The extra amount of carb holes, longer metal chamber to cool the smoke, and larger tube volume all make for a smoother hit while sacrificing pocketability. Don't get me wrong's not a gigantic piece, you can still transport it around....just don't expect it to fit in a front pocket or something like that.

    The m420 will be smaller and a bit harsher (with the extension tube I would compare its smoothness to the i420 with its regular tube), but not when compared to a regular bowl. It's still a very smooth hit when compared to traditional glass bowls of the same size. Plus besides the few seconds that it takes you to pack the little glass bowl outside of the metal it is essentially break proof.

    I would recommend either to be honest, but I chose the m420 because of the versatility that comes with it after all the attachments I've added.

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