Incredibowl + Dedorizer Bag = Perfect Match

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  1. I was at a trade show in vegas and picked up an incredibowl and deodorizer bag. Used the incredibowl for 3 days :hello:(and that thing is surprisingly smooth - a huge improvement over straight torpedo tubes) then took it home on the plane, no problem. :eek: Yeah, the deodorizer bag works.

    Highly recommend both tools

    Deodorizer Bag
    The Incredibowl
  2. bag looks pretty cool, HELLA expensive tho...

    $50 for 3''x4''
    $299 for 6''x6''

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    How well does the bag work? Most people can't smell it when I have it on me in a ziplock bag. Mostly because they aren't thinking I have any and aren't actively trying to find it. Which is fine because as I said earlier it means they can't smell it.
  4. How well does it work? I drive from AZ to CA and pass through border patrol with active work dogs. I was sent to secondary search, and the dog came up empty. I'd bet my freedom on it

  5. If this is true...I'm buying one.
  6. The incredibowl guys said that they fly with their deodorizer bag all the time. The price is high, but i've been using mine for over a month and its still going strong. seriously, its the only bag ill ever travel with again. Try and find it at a hempcon or 420 fest and you can usually save $20 bucks (they cut me a deal)

  7. seems pretty cool man, i love how they have bags basically sized for weights of herb. small big fits an 1/8, medium bag fits a 1/2 and so on lol.
  8. I too have a deodorizer bag and have been telling everyone about it. It definitely works and I take my bud absolutely everywhere I go now. I got a 6x6 bag and it comfortably holds a quarter, my glass piece, and my grinder. I literally never leave home without it and I would recommend it to anyone regardless of the price. Believe me paying 50 bucks is a lot better than dealing with cops and lawyers!
  9. Mostly because they aren't thinking I have any and aren't actively trying to find it.[​IMG]

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