Incredibowl Appreciation Thread

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    Sup fellas, ive had my m420 for 2 years so far, and its the best pipe for ive bought in 3 years of smoking! thought I'd start a thread to share pics, thoughts questions & tricks, and maybe new ideas for the icb team. Im getting a bub soon from which'll be killer since it already hits pretty smooth. That website has 90 degree bowls so u can see what you're smoking as well which ive bought a few but always end up breaking lol

    I found the best way is to take it apart completely, throw everything into a bag w/ 90%+ rubbing alcohol and salt , let it sit for a fer hours, maybe shake it, then rinse it all off. dont worry, the plastic and rubber wont be effected by the rubbing alc

    replacing the screen:
    You want to find a pencil or pen to poke with, push the old screen out, and find some new ones. I believe .5 is the right size, but the ones I grabbed a while ago offline are perfect and are a little bit smaller than a penny
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    To put a new screen in, just push it in through the non-threaded side of the ash catcher, then use your poking tool to come in from the threaded side to straighten it out. I usually use 2-3 screens just to catch a little bit more since my screens aren't as fine as icb's steel ones that come with it.

    orange o-ring inside replacement:
    These can break after a while of taking the bowl in and out, and when they do, you have to buy a repair kit for $20! I haven't been able to find just the orings by themselves yet, This is the cheapest place ive found the kit w/ shipping included.
    to take it out, the best way is to find a key and use the teeth to pull it out, my mail key works great 1369512012899.jpg to put the New one in just push it in and line it up with the groove in there.

    my bowl broke what do I do!!

    You can roll something up and twist it into the piece if you dont have a backup handy! 1369513123589.jpg

    well that's all I can think of for now! Peace

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