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  1. Rumor has it Incredibowl has a new incredibowl 2.0...Can this be confirmed or denied by anyone?
  2. who asked for a link? I asked a yes or no question. Not a link to a UK website that I will never use...maybe start a convo on the topic next time instead of posting useless info and being a smart ass little brat. I hope you break your hand soon. PEACE
  3. smoke some herb son, U mad.
  4. Seriously bro? He gave you a link because you were too lazy to type it in Google yourself. He has the right the be sarcastic because of your laziness. Be glad he gave you an answer and not a picture that says something like "you fail bro" or something of that sort.
  5. someones a fucking asshole...
  6. not 100% but im pretty sure thats the original incredibowl on that link. It does say Incredibowl 2.0 on the official website though so there is one in the making. I dont know how they could improve the i420 though, cant wait to see.
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    @kawe7...I could have googled it but I thought hey...maybe Ill get into a good discussion and answer my question at once. I just knew a lot of people like the product and maybe someone wanted to talk a bit about in addition to helping me. Everyone has the right to sarcastic. And how was it laziness when its much more easy for me to google it? My point is why be the dick who has to start the attitude??? I only asked a question get over it if you dont like it keep scrolling! There are bigger problems in life people if your that upset with me for a question you have like 6 years to live max. Damn.
  8. Why thank you for the info drobro, its interesting to know that there may be one in the making. Im also curious to see what they will change. I hope they make the bowl a little tad bit bigger. As for the link above being the original, i wouldnt be suprised as most of the people that answered here were more interested in giving attitudes than helping. He probably wanted to get the answer in as little time as possible so he googled it and posted the first link he found for it...wich is garbage.
  9. Jesus christ that guy was being really helpful. He gave proof that there is a version 2, which is what you asked for, you ungrateful bitch
  10. dude he was trying to help, stop being an asshat
  11. @jonafro...I did ask for the proof...posting the link is cool, its the snotty brat comment that i dont think is necessary. How is a rude comment helpful? Did you bump your head? You think im going to be fucking grateful for that garbage half-ass half-hearted reply? go fuck yourself...he wasnt trying to help, his main reason for posting was because he just NEEDED to say something smart ass. Bottom line....whoever thinks its necessary to be a dick about a question "Damn i almost broke my hand typing that into google" is an immature ass hole who has hate. IF I SEE A STUPID QUESTION, IM NOT GOING TO GO OUT OF MY WAY TO HALF-ASS THE ANSWER AND PUT MORE EFFORT INTO A SMART ASS COMMENT.
  12. you sound angry kid?

    Sorry but its hard not to be a sarcastic fuck when you witness idiocy like your first post. Not going to continue this flame war, peace.

  13. I don't think his first post was idiotic. Posting that link and the smart ass comment was idiotic. Obviously that website just added 2.0 to the item title because the description doesn't say anything new. He could have already seen that and known it was just the old i420 and posted on here asking about a 2.0 version. Some people need to chill out, this website is about weed.
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  14. Lol I'm completely chill, that other dude is the one freaking out over nothing...
  15. He was being fucking sarcastic by saying he almost broke his hand. Of course he didn't almost break his hand, he was typing.

    You said, can anyone confirm or deny this. That does not sound like an express call for proof.

    So fuck off

  16. [​IMG]
  17. Sorry dude, the being chill thing was not aimed at you.
  18. Thank you mop, my point the whole time...geeez

  19. All I know is I have the m420 and love it. I'd appreciate some insight as well if there was a new model in the works.... our members have insight that Google doesn't
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