Incredibly stupid stuff you did as a teenager(no flaming)

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  1. Hey all, I was just sitting around smoking a bowl just now, thinking of all the stupid stuff I did when I was a teenager, and I figured there must be plenty of good stories to tell among the blades of GC, so post them here!

    Sorry if there's already a thread like this, I did a search and got nothing, anyway, on to my story.

    So my brother and I are 15, a few months before we can get our driver's license, and we decide we need some practice or we'll surely fail the test, and since we were already much younger than the rest of our grade, this was unacceptable. We quietly wait until our mother falls asleep, then creep to the front door, jack her keys, and start the car. My brother wants to drive first, so he pulls out, obeying all the rules of the road(we had been studying the handbook they give you that explains everything, we knew all the rules of driving) and drives us downtown to our friends house.

    Now, along the way, we had to turn onto the highway, and my brother cuts off a bus:rolleyes:, I look back and the bus driver's giving us the middle finger, so I lean out and give it back:p. Things proceed smoothly, driving down the highway nice and easy, when I look in the mirror, and it's a fucking cop! Oh fuck I almost shit myself, but he drove right past us without a second thought. We pull off the highway and into our friend's driveway, and call him up quietly, telling him to look out his window. He bolts down and jumps in the back, with a bong! We proceeded to hotbox the fuck out of my mother's car, to the point where I couldn't see anybody in the back seat.

    Our friend gets tired, because its pretty late by now, so he goes back inside and I take over driving, intending to take us directly home. However, on the way, I see an empty parking lot and decide to do some 360's and other shit. It was a blast, being 15 and never having driven a car before. This is where it all went wrong... turning into one of my 360's, I clip a curb with my left front tire, blowing the hubcap right off and fucking the steering column. I was only going about 20 mph, but it was a HUGE impact, bashed my head against the roof of the car and sent me spinning.

    Dazed, I immediately get out to look at the car, to find the hubcap completely gone and the tire completely flat, along with the rim being bent to hell, the steering column was also screwed. The worst problem, it was a front wheel drive, so we couldn't go any faster than about 2 km/hr:eek:. Luckily, we weren't that far from home, so we crawled the car back to the house, parked it in the driveway, and went to bed.

    In the end, I tried to play it off as vandalism, but my mom took it to a mechanic who told her it was the result of a collision, and I was forced to fess up. I was very lucky, all I had to do was pay the 700$ it cost to fix the car, which was much better than being charged with car theft and dangerous driving, among other things.

    Man looking back on it, it was such a stupid mistake, i'm just lucky I didn't hit another vehicle or a pedestrian.

    Any stories you guys want to share, dumb stupid stuff like what I just posted, and please no flaming anybody in this thread, we don't need that shit.
  2. Haha i had a buddy who was also 15 at the time and took his mom's car out but was as lucky as you get got tboned in an intersection
  3. i shit on the bottom of a slide at night. i imagine the little kid running to the playground at morning going up and bamm through my stuff. it was really funny that time but oh i wouldnt do it again. :D
  4. Used to ride around on our bikes all day stealing chrome tire caps from peoples cars, we felt so bad ass doing that we would put them on our bikes, vandalized the elementary school that I went to that was down the street from my house, I did this after I left that school, and didn't get caught in the act but someone who knew me very very well, one of my friends actually, ratted me out, I never knew who did it, but they told the principal my name first and last so I know it was one of my friends. The cops called my mom and said I just had to talk to the principal and they wouldn't press charges. Another time me and my friends were throwing rocks at a neighbors window trying to break it andI did and my dad kicked my ass. I think that's most of the stupid shit I can remember, there was probably more though.
  5. I used to beat up hobos.


    I remember one time we were chillin at this one spot blazen and then we thought someone was comin so we booked into a forest and found a chill spot with a picnic table and shit.

    2 years later and we still blaze there, so many trees you can hotbox it!(sorta)
  6. When i went to a fast food place with my friends we'd get a refill on our drinks and throw it at people at bus stops. Funny as hell at the time, but now that i look back i feel bad for the people sitting at a bus top in the cold with coke all over them.

  7. Ahhh reminds me of when i was 15. Me and my buddys stole my moms truck, it was a big red durango. (Dam i miss that car :() We are driving around my neighborhood, and then decide to go into a neighborhood next to mine, its kind of idk, not as nice as the other neighborhoods? probally leading drug use neighborghood around here. Well i go into the neighborhood and i was riding with all my friends ansd we were going to sell some bud to a kid, and i missed his street. So i turn right into a driveway to back out and go the otherway. As im backin out, i felt a gravatational shift, and the car pointed up like the titanic as it was sinking. I backed into a fucking ditch, 2 feet from a stopsign. I freaked out. I knew i would be fucked.
    So as were in the car everyone jumps out, and were all freaking, im about to cry and i see a car coming. 3 dudes jump out of there car and there like, you need help? and im like ya plz help me im gonna be so fucked you have no idea. so they helped me get the truck out of the ditch. I soon realize the kids are one of my friends brothers. I gave them each 3 Opana 30s about a monthe later.
  8. I used to routinely pull along side cars at red lights and try to throw cups of liquids into the window.

    When I was 17, I stenciled "I smell bacon" on the side of a parked patrol car. It took me 3 weeks to plan, and 1 week of carrying around a stencil in my backpack waiting. Even though it was stupid, I stick by this one.

    I punched my best friend at the time in the nose because he said my favourite band's guitar was "trenchant"

    When I was 14, I threw a can of spray paint into a bonfire.

    I used to car hop pretty regularly. I think I still have 4 or 5 TomToms.
  9. My best friend punched the school rent-a-cop in the face in high school beacuse the cop started being violent with him suddenly for no reason.

    I punched my football coach and sent him to the hospital beacause I fucked up his sinuses when I cracked him in the nose, because he was talkin' shit about my mom (semi-jokingly). I got expelled with only a month left and had to go to summer school to graduate.

    I beat up some kid and his brother because they were talking shit at a drive-in resturaunt, in front of about 10 people, half of them kids. I never got caught because I ran to my friend's house and he let me hide in there, whlie the cops ran around town looking for me for the entire day, but I felt terrible afterwards, even though they deserved it.

    Me and a friend of mine pelted a teacher in the back with a dildo and the whole school had an assembly beacuse of it.

    Those and other similar stupid shit... high school days man...
  10. I was actually a nice boy as a teenager, I feel proud of myself.:)
  11. Many motorcycle wrecks, trespassing, and motorcycle trespassing.
    And I was that 'bad boy' from high school all the way through. Fighting, smoking...motorcycle riding...

    Bad thing, because now I've matured somewhat and still when people say, 'Parliament Cigarettes is coming' in my town, people's hearts stop, or they start saying what a lost young man...
  12. in a matter of 2 weeks I crashed a honda on xanax, got charged with a DUI (got dropped), and crashed a Cadillac on opiates. True story.
  13. we used to toss half eaten burritos onto peoples windshields (parked cars),and saying /throwing things at people on bicycles causing them to fall off were the most common practice among my circle of friends.

    But the best was when my friend tossed a dead squirrel that froze on my yard into the BK drive thru window
  14. When I was 16, I crashed a Cadillac on Xanax, so not the same story but similar. It fell into a 20 foot deep creek/ditch [I don't know how to describe it], where it sits today, that was the one I bought with the extra money that came along with slingin' to support my Xanax addiction.

    When I was 17, I wrecked my Chrysler on the same corner drunk [as fuck] and came close to stacking one on top of the other but I missed out on dropping over the edge by about 10 feet. I probably would have killed myself if that happened, literally.

    Driving that Chrysler today, *knocks on wood*
  15. We used to drive and do vandalize random shit like mailbox baseball, paintball houses and cars, the worst is when we used to egg random people walking down the street.. i feel bad about it now but it i guess it was funny at the time:rolleyes:
  16. When i was like 15 me and my friend drove around a crappy neighborhood waiting for the school busses to drop the kids off, and opened fire at them with our sub automatic air soft guns. I ended up getting a disorderly conduct ticket and my gun was confiscated

    Thats nothing to what my brothers did. When my oldest brother was like 17 he used to go around with his friends and steal motorcycles into the back of a truck and take off. whatta prick i know

    My other brother took his dads(diffrent dads) benz out when he was 15 and turned into some chicks car while trying to go to the pool

    When i was 16 i stole a brand new pair of nikes by walking out with them on, like pretty frequently. never got caught but i got a lil scared after a while. And last year i ended up getting a job with them haha

    Two years ago me and my friends were pretty drunk, and i decided it would be a great idea to go pop the giant inflatable gorilla that a nearby car dealership had outside.
  17. lmfao!!
  18. Trenching peoples yards with my chevy blazer :D
  19. Back before college my dad had a house and 2 condos, one at the beach one downtown Atlanta. We smoke a joint in the upstairs bedroom at the one downtown, and stunk up the whole floor and ourselves.

    We got on the elevator, and it stopped at a floor of someone we knew. Immediately we look over and say there's no way it's her, what do you know the lady that is my step mom's best friend gets on the elevator.

    My dad is high as fuck, I'm high as fuck and we're just standing there looking at eachother.

    I lean over and say "Hello" to our new elevator buddy. She looks at me like what the fuck? and said "how's school?" After a short chit chat we get off the elevator, go to the car and my dad and I start bustin out laughing. :p

    Was a fun day I must admit.
  20. fucked hella hookers bareback

    binge drinking at school/church/pretty much anywhere

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