incredibly large problem with order.. please help someone!

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by milomilomilo, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. I understand this should be sent to support, but i know its a weekend and they wont be able to get back to me so I am hoping maybe one of the higher mods ore something could pass a message that it is urgent someone get back to me.

    I accidently ordered something 3 times by pressing back on my browser when my page wouldnt load for the order. so i now have 3 159 dollar charges.
    help please :(
  2. haha just sell em to your friends i did that on ebay once
  3. I just sent this in; however, you need to send an email to as well. Include your order info and just let them know what's up. Unfortunately, I can almost guarantee that no one will get back to you this weekend.
  4. thanks alot reform maryjane laws :).
    another guy told me to call my credit card place but they do weekends too.
    why do mondays always have to suck :( lol
    anyway yeah, i was just making sure i covered all my bases with this.
    sent the support thing in too so its cool.
    Im sure it will be handled. you guys are good with that.

    thats why i keep coming back to shop. :)
  5. Your avatar was making me hungry for kiwi until I noticed that it's one of them damn mouse-kiwi's... Tease. :p

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