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  1. OKAY THIS IS GOING TO SOUND CRAZY. I was doig about 25 mph in my civic and my buddy was behind me. I flicked a "ciggiratte" roach out of my window it flys out goes into his window and landed perfectly in his mouth. I know your probably not goign to beleive it. i didnt know what was going on when he was honking his horn and tailgateing me until we pulled over and he told me what happend. good thing he wasnt a pig
  2. even if its not real...the visual you just put in my head is hilarious. :smoking:

  3. haha thats fuckin hillarious :hello::hello::smoke:
  4. HAHA it was man.. SOrry to hear about you gettin jumped at work. FUCKIN MARYLAND AND VA DIRTBAGS HA.
  5. holy shit man
  6. Thats intense.
  7. If you were doing 25, the wind flow wouldn't be enough to push the cigarette to your friends car, it would just drop to the ground.

    Nice try though.
  8. Buzzkill
  9. I just say it how it is, man.
  10. There are literally thousands of variables in this particular equation, not just wind flow. You don't know the distance his friend was behind him, or the speed he was going, or the direction the wind was blowing from, and countless more. So therefore, your theory is completely incorrect.

    I just say it how it is. :p

  11. this seriously made me lol. everybody's like "nice job man" "AWESOME" and you're just like


    idk Im high.
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    I notice things like this while I'm sober, if I was high, no doubt I would of missed it.

    Everyone that replied was probably high, thats why.

    Okay, he even told us himself he was going about 25 KM/H. We know his friend is right behind him, the cig would have to get carried by the wind a little less then 2 car lengths, and at 25 KM/H, thats mathematically and scientifically impossible, unless he leaned out his window and whipped the cig at the car behind him.
  13. He was going 25 MILES per hour, which roughly equates to 40 KILOMETERS per hour. At 40 KM/h the cig could have easily traveled 2 car lengths, or just stayed in the air long enough for it to fall through the window. Although I find it very hard to believe that it landed perfectly in his mouth, you still haven't disproved this scenario.
  14. OMFG That's HILARIOUS!!! If that happened to me i would have shot myself because I know there wouldn't be a more entertaining moment like that in my life again.

    ...AHAHAHAHA Still Laughing!!!!
  15. You made my day buddy.

    Once I threw a coin up and fell on the floor and stayed standing in the side of the coin.

    Its just amazing when these things happen. lol
  16. ^^^^^ Is it time to call myth busters?
  17. This would make a good episode. :bongin:
  18. whats the point in being a party pooper ? :\

  19. Only if ur stoned otherwise it would be completly uninteresting.:bongin:

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