"Incredible Pipe" what is this?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by weedandbombs, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Maybe I'm hearing the chick wrong, but I apparently won what sounds like an "Incredible" pipe from a raffle at the Cannabis Expo over the weekend. Does anyone have a clue what this is?

    I can't find anything so I must be hearing her wrong or spelling it wrong...
  2. it could be the incredibowl ???
  3. Oh snap, I think it is! Incredibowl... that would make more sense. Oh shit and its an expensive, nice piece! HAHA! AWESOME!
  4. haha hell yeah it is. i ordered one on monday but fucking volcaneoes are delaying my shit haha so gay
  5. I'm wondering then if anyone has used the Incredibowl and can tell me what I'm in for? :)
  6. just go to Incredibowl Industries, LLC
  7. That website is incredibly unhelpful :) I'm curious if anyone on here has used it, etc...
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  9. Demonstration videos aren't helpful?
  10. I couldn't find any demo videos on there....

    and thanks, damncrazylegs - i figured after i found out what this was that there was another thread somewhere where people probably discussed it in depth. I'll check that out :)
  11. ya im pretty sure there are a couple other threads with blades who have them, but shatterwulfs is the only one i could remember
  12. :bongin:the incredibowl isn't htat big a deal. its just a glorified steam roller lol..
    id sell it and get a nice glass peice but thats just me..

  13. i have plenty of glass pieces, I don't need any more... i'll probably keep it to round out my collection..
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    from another thread...
  15. i'm starting to notice haha

    but hey, if its free, why not? :D

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