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  1. I always think of great amazing things while i'm high, some which granted are already in use (solar charged street lights) but why not start a thread? Please don't put stupid or smartass comments, who knows maybe these are the future?
    I'll start off...

    Seeing as how everything is GPS controlled and how advanced the military's weapons are, how come not a GPS synced super sniper scope that could track where you are looking through your scope (viewed on an HD LCD) and then accomidate for all bullet drop/bar press/wind/etc and you simply trace out your target and it tracks that. This smart bullet could track the target by either following a signal or a GPS graph. The bullet wouldn't be a conventional bullet but almost like a small javelin missile. Expensive but amazingly kickass!!

    I can't remember others...

    but i wrote down my most recent

    ''in the future there will be progrms in the city which are like advanced cameras which can identify where anybody is and constantly track their location. its stored on a database on the moon (or other orbiting planet) its erased everytime a person dies? you can also buy their "time" and store it for yourself like instead of a traditional funeral you can get snapshots of places."

    Come on people think!!! I know your heads feel like they're literally on fire
  2. holy wonderfuck space cadet!

    jk, these both seem unnessicary and outrageuosly expensive. but i like your idea for a thread.

    once upon a time i was stoned and realzed no one makes mozza sticks with anything in them but mozzarella. you could a variety of meats and sauces and shit. like chicken parmivera, or pizza sauce with some peporoni and shit. mmmmm
  3. like hot pockets?

    omg the guy that made hot pockets was totally a stoner...
  4. nah, like mozza sticks. but with good shit in em. and tasty dips too. little finger food sized hotpockets.

  5. I have thought up many but the best I have come up with is a sort of little plastic set of tongs.

    One side has a round side that basically closes around and makes a complete solid sphere so that when you have a pile of weed on your desk you can take this said tong set and grab a perfect bowls worth of ganja. This takes away from all the weed that gets stuck to your fingers and you just brush it off your fingers on your pants. Wastes less weed and the tongs could be made in different sizes for different bowls.

    On the other side would be a set of curved arms that fit around the slide side of the bowl so that when you smoke a lot of your bong and the bowl gets real hot, you can take these tongs and grab the stem part the bowl and clamp around it so that you do not burn the crap out of your fingers.

    So you have this pair of small tongs maybe around 2-3 in. that you can stick in your pocket or stash box that you can grab the perfect size of green without wasting weed to put in your bowl and the other side would be used for grabbing the hot bowl out of your bong. They could be called the Bong Tongs. :D
  6. I remember smoking a blunt with some friends one night, and we were all trying to think of an invention that would sell like hotcakes to make some quick cash. I began to start thinking about dogs for some reason, and how some people love their dogs more than people (you know, the type that parade their chiuaua around in their purse and everything). Then i began to think, what dumb accessories would these people go crazy
    for to dress their dog up in? Then, BAM! Doggie ponchos; a way to take your dog outside for a walk on those rainy days, and a funny accessory. I could already see the infomercials in my head, and the money stacks rolling. But then i did a quick search on google and found out that they're was already a shitload of them. Damnit, i swear that was my idea. Bastards

    More recently i thought of an idea, but not really sure how/what i can do with it. How many times in your life has something crazy happened that will live on for years, and you think, damn i wish someone was filming that. There has to be a way to invent a small camera or recording device that focuses exactly where your line of vision does. It would always record live feed (sort of like a security camera) and you could go back in the video files to that certain crazy event, and save it to a movie/file. Someone help me invent this, a 'Life Happens...' camera, and we'll split the profits. Schfifty fifty
  7. buffalo wing tacos and/or burritos

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