Increasing THC Content Indoors (boosting CBD, CBN also)

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  1. While there is no way to make a bad plant a super THC powerhouse. There is a way to make the plant perform at the top of it's ability indoors. By introducing UVB lamps to the growing area, the plant produces more thc and converts more of the cbd into thc. Making the plant more potent. Very inexpensive, yet beneficial to your harvest.

    **caution** some UVB lamps may produce excess heat as a byproduct.

    -sweet....first post

  2. definetley one of the smarter first posts, i have ever read.......
  3. lol thanks man....i've been surfing this site for a while, and now that i'm an experienced grower, I figured it's time for me to start helping other would-be growers
  4. iirc, CBD is a derivative of THC. As in, CBD isnt converted to THC at any point.

    granted, we used to think it did...but now, I believe its CBG that is the first true cannabinoid.

    edit I do advocate the use of uv lighting though.

  5. it's actually the other way's CBG that can't be converted....CBD can...i know that for sure...
  6. well, this is an outdated source (1994), but this is the point when they realized that CBG was the precursor/first cannabinoid. They still assume that CBG -> CBD -> THC, but ill find that and post it in a second.....

    Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the cannabinoid responsible for the main psychoactive effects of most Cannabis drug preparations (Mechoulam 1970). In some varieties of Cannabis, additional cannabinoid homologs appear that have the usual pentyl group attached to the aromatic ring, replaced by a propyl (De Zeeuw et al. 1972b & 1973a, Fetterman and Turner 1972, Gill 1971, Gill et al. 1970, Merkus 1971, Vree et al. 1972a, Turner et al. 1973a) or occasionally a methyl group (Vree et al. 1971 & 1972b). Other claims have been made for butyl (Harvey 1976) or heptyl (Isbell 1973) substitutions, but the latter announcement seems particularly tenuous. THC is thought to be produced by the plant (Fig. 2, next page) from cannabidiol (CBD) which, in turn, is derived from cannabigerol (CBG) generated from non-cannabinoid precursors (Hammond and Mahlberg 1994, Shoyama et al. 1984, Turner and Mahlberg 1988). CBG is also the biogenetic precursor of cannabichromene (CBC). Some of the cannabinoids (e.g., cannabielsoin, cannabinol, and cannabicyclol) are probably degradation products of the enzymatically produced cannabinoids (e.g., CBD, THC and CBC, respectively).

    Chemical ecology of Cannabis

    but CBG is certainly convertible...
  7. ok, here's the one I wanted....2008 source

    "The precursors of cannabinoids are synthesized from 2 pathways, the
    polyketide pathway (Shoyama et al., 1975) and the deoxyxylulose
    phosphate/methyl-erythritol phosphate (DOXP/MEP) pathway (Fellermeier et al .,
    2001) (Figure 3). From the polyketide pathway, olivetolic acid is derived and
    from the DOXP/MEP pathway, geranyl diphosphate (GPP) is derived. Both are
    condensed by the prenylase geranyl diphosphate:eek:livetolate geranyltransferase
    (GOT) (Fellermeier and Zenk, 1998) to form cannabigerolic acid (CBGA), which is
    a common substrate for three oxydocyclases: Cannabidiolic acid synthase

    (Taura et al ., 1996), Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid synthase (Taura et al .,
    1995a) and Cannabichromenic acid synthase (Morimoto et al ., 1998), forming
    cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (Δ9-THCA) and
    cannabichromenic acid (CBCA), respectively
    (Morimoto et al ., 1999)."

    if you read that article, there's a really awesome diagram about 9 pages in, that displays the cannabinoid pathway as its known now ;)

    so, in simple terms : what we know is CBG converts to CBD, THC, or CBC, and from there the rest of the cannabinoids are formed in one of 3 pathways...either CBD, THC, or CBC.

  8. i realize that now...i'm really messed up on meds cuz i have a i've been smoking for a few hours

    but could we keep the rest of the focus (for this thread) on the fact that UVB rays help make the plants more potent.....and not semantics

    not being a dick....just trying to keep the focus on the real message
  9. if you want more information on UV than you know what to do with, whip out the search function.

    there's a thread in the general indoor section. thread starter was 13ronin I think. I promise youll find something interesting if you read though it
  10. theres a good you tube vid on this also.
  11. Great first post, dude, thumbs up for ya. :hello:

    You forgot to mention though that UVB light is extremely harmfull to our eyes and skin.
    I saw in a post that a dude had made a sqitch connected to his door, so that when he entered the room, the UVB lights went off.
    Maybe would be a good idea to add the warning to your first post, so that no dumbass gets toasted lol.

    Keep it up.

  12. Don't know how related you guys might find this to be, but I found it to be very interesting:

    Isomerizeration of CBD into THC (they are both C21H30O2, but structural isomers of each other)

    ScienceDirect - Tetrahedron : Hashish—VII *1 : : The isomerization of cannabidiol to tetrahydrocannabinols

    Robert A. Nelson: Hemp Husbandry ~ Cannabinoid Chemistry (Ch 6)

    How to extract and convert your weed's thc into one stronger than nature's. : Marijuana

    THC-O-acetate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Going to continue research on this and perhaps try an experiment of my own :)
  13. Another method of increasing UV and therefore Trich production is to flower 6 weeks under HPS and finish the last 2 weeks under MH. (assuming an 8 week plant)
    I believe this to be the best of both worlds, The earlier onset of flowering and (slightly) bulkier nuggs via HPS and the yummy goodness of a sugary looking MH plant.

  14. That point should definitely be stressed.
  15. Why not just lower the humidity in the grow room during the flower cycle and bring it right down at the end. Way safer then dealing with uv lights.
  16. Thanks guys, it's my first grow, so I think I'm gonna stick with the safer route, lower humidity an watering, and then move on to the more complicated tech niches,

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