Increasing Soil Fertility Ideas?

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  1. So I have this seed planted in a soil with very low fertility. Ideas on how I can increase the fertility in the future are welcome. You dont get proper fertilizers where I live. So I have been thinking of fish water, egg shells, tea bags, coffee grinds, milk. If anyone has used any of these with good results, PLEASE share your experience.
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    Your first and most important thing, which is as important and probably even more important than plant nutrition is soil life - ie: "fertility" this can be done with the use of compost or earthworm castings in the form(s) of topdressing with them, making (aerated) compost teas or the best way, which is simply mixing these "must have" items directly into your soil.

    By using these 2 products/items, you are increasing the levels of beneficial microbes that work hand-in-hand with our plants, making the best use of the available nutrients and helping keep our plants disease free.

    As far as free and available items to use for plant nutrition - yep, that's a win/win situation too. We use a wide variety of what are called "accumulator" plants - plants which generally have deep tap roots and pull a wide array of assorted minerals, elements, compounds, etc out of the ground. We then take these plants, make teas with them and then feed these very effective teas to our plants. These teas are generally called "botanical teas". To learn more about botanical teas take a look at MI Wolverines thread labeled "Botanicals".

    There are many items which can be used to make these very powerful teas. Do some reading here in the Stickys, which are located at the top/beginning of the threads.

    Don't forget about what I said about the soil life.

    Good luck!

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    Mulch with some yard trimmings or if you want to spend money use alfalfa from a feed store for horses and such. Fairly cheap amendment if you can source or through a feed store rather then a nursery.

    Also adding some sphagnum peat moss should help hold the nutrients and give the soil a different texture. What type of soil are you dealing with to begin with?

  4. Appoximently where are you located shiddibaba? What kind of funds do you have to work with? What do farmers in your area use on their crops?

    Wherever your at, you should be able to compost. A good start would be local leaves, weeds and manure. And along with compost, diverse minerals definately can help poor soils. If you can get products like rock dusts that improves soil big time. The minerals allow your soil to utilize the nutrients already in the soil, but for whatever reason not available to your plants. The idea is to feed your soil. Then the plants and soil take it from there......MIW
  5. The soil is pretty much basic soil mixed with maybe 15% cow manure.

    As for composting, you need a couple of months for the fertilizer to be ready I think. Even if that isn't the case I don't have the space to compost. I have definitely have seen compost piles in the suburbs. So none of that till my next trip.

    As for earthworm castings, none around. Teas cant be made as I dont have the resources to do so.

    The reason I think the soil has low fertility is because my Rapitest MINI 4 in 1 Tester says so. Thanks for the link you sent me Bag O Weed, I am looking into it right now. As I said in the first post, the items listed are the items I can work with.
  6. What do you mean you can't make a tea???? Bucket: check. Stick: check. You dont have a yard? Take your @$$ for a walk along a tree line or in a pasture with a bag and start picking and pulling. Mix that with a 5 gallon bucket of water left to sit a couple days or so to remove chlorine and voila: You just made a Tea! Just stir a few times real well over a 24 hour period or so, strain solids, and apply to soil. Too easy not to do it.

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    There are multiple ways to raise soil fertility. The first thing I do is to stop removing plant material from the area I'm restoring. Before I would trim, cut, chop, etc, and throw the waste in the compost bin (the contents of which are taken away by the city). Now I cut things up and throw them on as a mulch. To boost this, gather some kitchen food waste, other yard trimmings, manure from neighbors if you don't have herbivore animals.

    Of course there are a variety of ways to compost. The sooner you start, the better.

    My next step would be to apply an ACT. A little bit can go long ways.

    Worms are cool, but expensive. If you get manure, the worms will come. :)

    Encourage birds to coexist with your area. Their droppings will enrich your soil. Killing off all of the insects in your area, deprives many birds of a food supply. Not wise imo.
  8. So much for the testing unit...

    This review is from: Luster Leaf 1818 Rapitest Mini 4-in-1 Soil Tester (Lawn & Patio)
    PH meter plain doesnt work, followed instructions to the letter.... and ALWAYS gave me the same rating no matter the soil/ ph'd water used. Moisture meter works I guess however is very erratic depending on place and depth inserted... Fertility is useless.. no rhyme or reason to those readings... Light meter works the best out of all... unfortunatly thats the one function I didn't care about in the purchase. Avoid if possible

    Sounds to me like this unit doesnt work very well.
  9. Of course there are a variety of ways to compost. The sooner you start, the better.

    Even if I lived in a crowded city in an apartment with many people I'd still find a way to compost. I'd be hitting up my neighbors for thier produce scraps, collecting leaves - doing whatever it takes. I guess it just comes down to whether you want to or not, thats all.


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