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Increasing Potency???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by online_doper, Nov 23, 2002.

  1. Hey,

    I saw this website that had some methods of increasing potency in weed. I was kinda skeptical about it so I decided to ask some other people before I went off and tried it. The one I am wanting to know about is, putting your weed in some dry ice for about a day or so. This is supposed to concentrate the THC or something. What do you guys think?
  2. whas tha site that tells this. i wanna check it out
  3. for me, i actually get less horny when im high, and i also chill away from physical contact wtih girls, cause i think that i am too clumbsy. But get some shots in me, and im rip-raring to go....
  4. That would not exactly be too much of a surprise. Physics tell us that heat expansion and contraction affects all things from bridges to water. The dry ice would contract the weed and make it more dense, probably permanently because of the stickyness factor.

    CONTRACTION YEAH! If it works, do that shit!

    peace and happy tokes

  5. i dont follow...
  6. whenever somthing gets cold, it contracts (jus take a swim in cold water and look in the pants) and whenever things heat up, it expands. I guess wha he's sayin is that if u put dry ice, the thc will go closer together. Though im still thinking this one out, i dunno if it would become more potent cuz the dry ice won't help in making anymore thc, just packing it tighter. I dunno, too blazed, need that site.
  7. increasing the thc would be in growing...once its grown and dried and cured and stuff your not going to actually increase the amount of thc. the only thing you can do is smoke more at once. but its just more plant for more thc, ya kno?
  8. I have also heard of this method but it was in assocition with curing weed. I have never heard of doing this after the weed is already cured. I heard of this on a site critter refered me to
  9. Both heat and cold have their advantages, if the cold does cause the bud to become tighter, then it would burn slower, meaning that less would be wasted to the air. However, heat cause crystal formation with THC, which provides a quicker blast of THC. If you were to try heating the weed for awhile to cause the thc to crystalize and then do the cold thing to make it constrict (and dry ice would do that) then you would have something killer. The best heat method is to place the weed into foil or something that won't melt/burn and then put it under the glss part of a lava lamp. Try it, it'd be like all those experiments they use to give you on beakman's world, except this one is science you will want to try.

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