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  1. Is there a way to increase the amount of clones i can take off one plant? I have three plants going right now and one is clearly better then the other two so i was gonna use it as my mother. This is my first grow and I was hoping to flower two of em and getting about as many clones as i can off the mother. its a masterkush plant under a 250w hps. Im about to upgrade to a 400w HPS for flowering and and 4 T5 bulbs in a homemade veg cabinet for the clones. Im planning on putting them into rockwool and further converting my cabinet to a custom ebb and flo hut. The mother is currently in week 4.

    here is a current picture of the mother taken yesterday

    thanks for your help!
  2. top it and tie it down, then all the parts that are acceptable to clone will grow much bigger and more noticeable.
  3. thank you! I should wait till its in its 6th or 7th week of veg to start taking clones right?
  4. how long after topping a plant does it take for new growth to begin? Im also about to start cloning and have two females that i plan to keep as mothers, and want as many clones as possible every two weeks or so, im trying to start a small sog grow. Thanks
  5. get rooting hormones and itll grow roots faster, if you take clones during flowering you have to wait for them to re-veg.

    personally i dont know the time to clone, but advice was given to me as "heat pad under your rockwool cuttings with the clones in get neer enough 100% clone record"
  6. yea i was gonna get some advanced nutrient clone it gel and some rockwool cubes in this EZ cloner my friend just sold me. Theyre gonna be under some T5s. I read that taking clones while a plant is flowering is bad for the genetics of the clone and you get less uniform growth from plant to plant if you do that.

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