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Increasing bud size????

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by MRM4545, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. i have 2 girls that are 3 weeks into flower and all the producing nodes have growth already. the growth rate is pretty fast & i just want to know what i can use to increase bud size, density, & trichomes [potentcy].
  2. use time.....and wait. your only 3 weeks in man. they'll fatten up
  3. Maintaining the perfect environment helps a ton- heat, air, etc

    Using a FULL nutrient line (instead of just the bloom booster or sugar booster)

    Make sure there is good air flow

    Increase your light
  4. thanks for the replies. i will continue to b patient [hard for my first ever grow] i had to wait for 3 weeks for my ladies to show sex. i just hope to b ahead of the game when it comes time to really amp up the production. for now i am thrilled about all of the different nodes showing lime green starter buds. the white hairs that cover the canopy top and through the entire grow down to the soil line make me proud and eager to try the fruits of my labor. any thoughts on unsulphered molasses and when i may be able to introduce it to the routine?
  5. I did a grow with molasses, was very happy with my results, but since it was my first and only grow (at least until mid August, can't wait!) I have nothing to compare it to. I do know that my buds were completely triched out at harvest though. I say go for it, feed your beneficial bacteria. And you can start whenever, I know people that use molasses in veg as well as flowr, and some people that just use it for the last few weeks. I'd say start now.
  6. how much molasses do i use per gallon?
  7. I use a product called Humboldt Honey ES. It has molasses in it along with other delicious crap like fish emulsions, etc.

    Use near the end, last 1/3 of flowering

  8. Where can you get this?
  9. Thanks LBH on the Humboldt Honey ES hunt now!!!!!!!!!!
  10. You really should try Bud Candy and Big Bud by Advanced Nutrients.

    I used both in 2 different plants, same strain, Super Silver Haze.

    The difference was astounding! Smelled incredibly aromatic! Like freshly cut roses. And tasted like cotton candy!!! I was blown away! The size difference was almost even more unbelievable! Almost twice as big as the buds I didn't use it on!!!
    And you only use it for like the last 5 weeks of flowering. It may cost a bit for a quart...but you WILL get close to 10 harvests out of 'em, I'm sure. I've been using them for 2+ months, and it's as if I haven't even opened 'em yet!
  11. Get some Atomi's Bloombastic
  12. I use the full line of Earth Juice, its hard to burn with organics and you can use them for hydro also. I use them all including the catalyst which is the same as molasses in my opinion. There is also the Hi-brix and you might want to look into that also.
  13. get some biobizz topmax/bioheaven and watch them buds swell

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