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Increased prices

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thrawst, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Needed some bud, called up my guy that I've been buying off of for about 4 months. Asked for an eighth (usually $30 in my area) but this time he asked if I could do $35. He says it's purple kush, I've bought lots off this kid before and it's always good bud, and never chincy but why would it be more expensive now? If anything I should get it hooked up fat since I buy from him multiple times a week. Why would he raise prices? Is this a one time thing do you think or will it always be more expensive?

    I always buy dank off him but these are slightly expensive in my area
    He usually does 8th for 30, Q for 50 but now it's 35 and 65...

  2. Where do you live? Your prices are better than most (even with the price increase...)
  3. I live in Canada won't say where but these are normal prices,

    $10 - gram
    $30 - eighth
    $50-$60 - quarter
    $90-$110 - half
    $160-$200 - ounce
  4. Maybe he had to pay more for the batch? Who knows.....

    Still not bad prices though, cheaper than 90% of the US for dank
  5. PRices probably got raised on his end or he is just looking to make more money.
  6. Dude. For Kush, I spend at least $20 /gram. You still have a deal.

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