increase yo THC

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  1. In HIGHTIMES it said before you flower your plants.
    put your plants on 12/12 for 2days
    on the 3rd put them in told darkness for 48hrs
    on the 5th day start your regular 12/12 cycle.
  2. nice video
  3. that guy sounds progressivly more and more stoned as the video goes on LOL. very informative.
  4. He probably sounds more and more stoned because his joint gets smaller and smaller...
  5. Very observant:cool: lmfao
  6. I am going to try adding UVB lighting to my grow area. I cant not find any info on how far away should the UV lamp should be for optimum results. Any info?
  7. I don't know that i think it's worth it to ad UVB unless you get a pretty strong light that is also somewhat dangerous to your eyes and skin. I'm just gonna skip it. Plenty of people seem plenty happy with their flouro and HID lights already. i don't doubt that UV would help tho.
  8. co sign
  9. just get the ReptiSun 10.0 its safe for humans and you will notice an increase in VISIBLE trichrome production.

    It doesn't take much UVB to increase the trichrome production.
  10. theres a bulb that vets and zoos use for iganas that is low heat high uvb and uva. they have sizes that fit gallon sizes so a 36" flourobulb fills a 30-40gallon tank so....anyone know wanna do the math?.

    i also read some people have used the uv bulbs as a midday sun sorta thing like for a few hours right in the middle of 12/12.

    im gonna give it a shot after a few grows to get a comparison.
  11. i have a snake that needs uvb bulbs so i took a couple i have for back ups and put them in my grow room 2 days ago and in those 2 days i noticed that the bud site groth has increase alot and the plant seams to loves it now for how close i put my hand on top of the plant and lowered the light till i felt heat on my hand then backed it up till i didnt feel anymore heat hope this helps a
  12. i will deff try this when i get some more doe, but my ? is how long does the uvb light need to be on or does it stay on 24/7
  13. i have the uvb light hooked up to my timer so wen all of my lights come on that 1 gos on but i am also into my flowering phase and the plant stil needs itz dark period so if ur still on 24/7 then i would leave it on 24/7 but at that point it mite not do anything because it helps the tricomes not the plant itself
  14. according to this website posted in another thread on this website... but it talks about how using uv lights your entire grow. and actually helps in more ways than just trichromes, aparently helps with leave growth, and could possibly help fight degredation due to indoor breeding
  15. oh no i am not on 24/7 i am on 12/12 but was just wondering how long the lights had to stay on but u answerd my ? thanx bro
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    its halarious how this guys is just getting progresivly more and more stoned
  17. Ya I'm getting hooked up with a UVB light from a friend at the petstore tonight and will be installing it in the morning. I plan on running it for 6 hours during the middle of the 12hr day. I just documented all the flowers im focusing on and will do so again in the morning before i flip the switch(29 days into flowering). I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with UVB before and could steer me towards some literature on the topic. or and advice would be appreciated as well. and if not, I'll let you know how it turns out!:smoke::smoke:

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