Increase THC receptor sites, get HIGHER!

Discussion in 'General' started by JtotheP, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. ya your supposed to eat a mango a little before. dont know what pill your talking about
  2. damn gotta get me some mango it seems
  3. 5HTP is grrreat with weed.
  4. I heard if you do cocaine right before smoking weed it can increase your high.
  5. I don't even think I'd want to get higher than today's already-potent hydro gets me.

    It currently sends me to retardation, what more is there?

  6. You think?

  7. I heard if you smoke some weed before smoking weed it can increase your high. :smoke:
  8. whenever I drink orange juice after I smoke, it kills my high. Same goes for vitamin water.
  9. I heard that if you eat a mango before you smoke you will get higher.

  10. "i smoke two joints before i smoke two joints and then i smoke two more" :smoking: :)
  11. thats for ecstasy
    so you dont get such a rough down
  12. I've always wondered if eating stuff really does reduce the high, or if it's just the placebo effect. And what is the basis of the eating mangoes theory that other people mentioned?
  13. Awesome read :thumbsup:
  14. Like mentioned earlier, mangos contain myocene (sp?) which improves the transfer at the blood-brain barrier thus delivering more THC to your receptors.
  15. I know this is old but Its a great read so I thought I'd give it a bump.
  16. i heard vitiminC will boost to an extentnot like head rushing effects but better. if u eat before u smoke and lots of vitiminc also if ingested after will kill the high rather than enhance it.
  17. good read thread/ not alot of posts

    man im not getting high... sigggh. dreaded break

  18. 5HTP is used after a night/nights of taking MDMA. :hello: :hello: Never heard it being used for weed though. I do hear mango gets you higher. Hmmmm, must be why mango kush is le dankness :p
  19. This will Boost your Brain "increase electrical impulses"
    And increase the high and length of buzz I promise.
    Take this mix on a regular basis for optimal health!!

    Mix in a blender into a smoothie:)
    2 tablespoons (organic cold pressed HEMPSEED oil)
    1-2 tablespoons of (shelled hemp seeds)
    1/2 cup (low fat cottage cheese)
    1 cup (fruit juice)
    1 cup (whatever FRUIT you like) I use blueberries
    1 Tbsp Honey
    I started drinking this shake 2-3 times a week for breakfast 3 years ago."it works"
    After I lost my best friend to cancer I found this diet for cure and preventative.
    I've been smoking pot for the last 25 years every day and right now I'm burning and I get higher now then I ever could and feel better.
    Here's my best guess cause if anyone uses more cannabis than me I want to meet them
    Hempseed ((worlds healthiest food))
    Omega 3s and Omega 6 in a perfect balance.
    Regular intake of these Os make a healthy brain,eyes,heart,immune system.
    Hemp cures almost anything from cancer to asthma to eczema and the list goes on 100s

    Look up the Budwig diet (replace flax oil with ((hempseed oil))) and you have the most potent healing food on this planet. This diet cures cancer at a 90+% success rate when followed strictly. If you are still cancer free then you can supplement this mix every day if you want ( I have a large serving 2 times a week) this will keep you healthy.

    Also look up the Rick Simpson story on YouTube
    He uses pure Mary J THC to cure his cancer and many others

    I'm a true lover of this most wonderful plant that has been given to me TO USE!!!!!!

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