Increase or decrease wattage during flower

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by talktokam, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. So I had a thought today as I was pondering the needs of the plant during flower.
    When is the higher wattage most effective during flower??? ie...
    If I had two lights, one 400w and one 600w, would it make more sense to flower under the 600w for the first 4 weeks and finish with the 400w or start with the 400 and finish under the 600?
    I have searched but all I seem to find is light distance to plant or wattage per area or number of plants, but nothing about the beginning and ending wattage for a plant during flower. 
    Thanks for your input GC. 

  2. In general you want to give the plant as much light as possible.  It's more important that you give it the right spectrums during veg'ing and flowering, but no point in reducing it near the end (and def. don't want to reduce then raise it near the end, puts stress on the plant). 

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