Increase in popo?

Discussion in 'General' started by Sage of Salvia, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. Lately in my small ass town (about 20,000people) I'v noticed that the cops have increased in numbers like crazy, i see about 15 everytime i ride threw town...its been this way since a week ago...i wonder if anyone else noticed this in there towns?

  2. i thought that was over here only haha buddy got arrested last night by the narcos, i stashed my shit when i saw them
  3. Ay i'm in GA too, i got 5-0 all over my ass.
  4. I can't walk 6 blocks to the Gas station without seeing at least two.
  5. I cant leave my town without seeing one, but in my hometown of walton, there are no popo lol. But outside of here, i get arrested if is step foot into BC lol
  6. town of 15k people, and I can't leave my house without seeing atleast 10cops.
    Not to mention the constant sound of sirens, you'd never hear them around here, now you hear em all day long.
  7. Gotta love the growing american police state.

    Just remember: It worked for Stalin and Mao.
  8. It didn't work for Stalin and Mao because their dead... so if you follow my pattern...

    Everybody knows what needs to happen.
  9. Theres a bit over here. Ill see prolly 2 local and 1 trooper every time I ride outta my town. There problem is this new town I moved to there isnt a whole lot of crime, so all them cops have nothing to do. Which is a big problem for me.
  10. Im north of downtown atlanta. I have also noticed a rising of 5 0 : ( ! One arrested me the other night actually ..
  11. in cali my friend was stiopped the other night with an 1/8 and the cop told him to put it on the ground and step on it....
  12. just 2 cops on duty at night in my rather large town (geographically, only 4,000 people)
  13. i know that around here latley the popo has been stepping it up and huge speeindg busts and shit. i got a speeding ticket and im pissed.
  14. lol I live in North Minneapolis and that doesnt even happen here
  15. naw, i hardly ever see cops

    maybe one or two everyonce in a while. although on holidays, jesus they are everywhere
  16. i live in the burbs and i see maybe one every two days....when im down at the firehouse however i see a bunch cause they just tend to stop and chill with us.
  17. i myself have noticed a heavily increased po po presence not only around my town, but on the highways and other towns as well... its like they fuck like bunnies and multiplied! i dunno but i don't like it.....
  18. HEY HEY HEY!

    All I can say is that I see fucking pigs every 2-3 minutes wherever I walk. There is a really bad crack epidemic down here and alot of crystal meth users. They cleaned it up down here but the still need the 5-0 down here. Advice all learned from "doin time". Ignore them at all times. Never panic and start moving ike crazy when u see one. always stay calm. Ever since being arrested and serving some time always ignore them act whenver you see them. remeber you are in control what happens to you.


  19. Champlin's notorious for the amount of cops, along with the lower crime rate, they don't have much going on, so you tend to get hassle'd by the cops for no real reason.:mad:
  20. Haha champlin. right.. the big $400,000+ housing area

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