increase in Intense/weird/scary dreams?

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  1. Has anyone else noticed that their dreams have become more vivid, and in depth & overall REAL then before? I wouldn't even be bring it up if it wasn't for the fact i continuously see post on facebook and even hear friends/acquaintances talking about these "crazy" dreams they've been having. And it seems like it has been this way for the past few months now. i myself have been having them alot too, and when other people started to say the same is when i became.. curious/intrigued

    the most recent thing was i took a nap after eating a nice brunch for mothers day (<3 mom), and i remembered a part where i was with a friend in some water and the next thing i knew i was feelin fucked up, and a image of a strong pain reliever came to mind (flashback, still in the dream though) and then my friend was being pulled down in the water by a giant catfish? idk.. lol, i couldn't save him though and this was very off-putting to me, i kept going back to this part of the dream but i still couldn't save him.. i was too effd up, i vividly remember laying& holding on to the pier because i was unable to stand up without falling over

    i felt like i was trapped in the dream, i kept waking up at some house owned by random people, who had like 10 different college/teen aged girls doing various things around the house; yet i was unable to leave because of the "pills" effects.. idk it was really strange because when i woke up foreal it was really hard for me to get out of bed lol.:smoke:

    but anyways...i was just curious if anyone else has noticed this change in dreams, either from personal experience or from people around you?
  2. I have been having recurring dreams where the world is ending for some reason and I am trapped around friends/loved ones. It always happens at this same lake house, the feeling is always the same ominous despair but I can never really put my finger on what is wrong.

    Lately my dreams have been really intense, either good or bad I wake up feeling like a slightly different person.
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    you just made me realize, one of the biggest changes is how its affected me in "real life".. like emotional i guess; ive been able to 'feel' the dreams way more intense like, unlike before it would be just like watching a movie.. their beginning to affect my moods n shit.. idk ive always had a hard time trying to explain things, lol :p

    ps- that last line "..either good or bad I wake up feeling like a slightly different person. " echos eerily throughout my mind.. i can relate definitely.
  4. I have a lot of vivid, "real" seeming dreams. One that has recurred is like I still exist in some form. More like just a conciousness of my self and this current world only exist to me in some kind of abstract form. I was there but it was just like a flash in my memory which seemed to have absolutley no grasp of reality.

    Kinda like insanity but I had no body just a consciousness. It was kinda like being in Hell.
  5. i had an incredibly vivid dream last night that as i was walking off the lunch line at my high school, on the way to some classic rock concert, some lady at a table yelled that i was going to kill The cure, and pink floyd, when i walked over saying that would never happen, i was actually on my way to a concert of a band just like them ( i forgot who) she turned into james brown and taught me how to play bass guitar, except it was way out of tune ( the strings were to loose ).

    ok seriously someone explain this to me
  6. i was with a friend in some water and the next thing i knew i was feelin fucked up, and a image of a strong pain reliever came to mind (flashback, still in the dream though) and then my friend was being pulled down in the water by a giant catfish?

    Perhaps there is something going on with you and your friend, maybe certain activities or recent events make you think it might drag you down?

    This is just insight, I love to decipher dreams.

    My dreams are abstract in every sense of the word. Things are 'not quite right.' Yet I get to remember them throughout the day, and often after I wake up.
  7. @kush job- yeah thats what i was thinking too lol. i can relate to the abstract dream thing too

    @canabisk1ng- no idea man, lol..

    @farm dog- that sounds pretty intense lol, sometimes i have dreams that make me wake up sweaty or heart pounding because its effin insane lol
  8. If felt like you were floating or feeling the negative path of the high. It is simply a mind game that you play with yourself. If you can focus on the thoughts of Love, you can move past the confusion of You. Try to stay in the Love at all times. It projects better physically in the universe. Right now it is the Chaos in our mind, that projects in the
    real world today.

    It might be too intense. Let me know, if I am off on this.
  9. i too, had a crazy, vivid dream last night
  10. Was it a dream about, mine was about the Three Paths that we have to decide about. Do we chose the path of Fear, the path of Love, or Ignorance. I woke up like, what the fuck was that. Then I thought yea, I agree with that, and the rest of the day was really cool.
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    Last night I was awakened in the middle of the night by something I'm not sure of. I know I was having some kind of dream, but I can't remember.
    It was funny as hell: I woke in the mid of night, jumped out of my bed, picked up my gun then proceeded to run to my back door where I then aimed my gun at my bed, thinking there was something there... even though I knew deep inside there wasn't anything.

    Something is going down and we are all feeling it in some form.
  12. Absolutely. I think is called Judgment.
  13. judgment!
    freaky stuff lol..
    i will try & focus on the "path of love", the other two choices don't seem to fit me all that well.. (fear&ignorance)
  14. I've definitely been having a shit ton of intense/weird dreams as of late.

    My most recent one? Well, I'll just tell you what I remember.

    Me, my best friend, and some chick I'd never seen before hopped a fence over a "no trespassing" sign into a pool area. We jumped in the pool and swam around a little while then went over and got in the hot tub, but there was a big security camera over it. My friend just looked up into the camera and said "fuck you assholes". Then we just chilled for about 30 seconds or so and then we heard sirens and I was like oh fuck we're screwed to I dashed out and ran and dove into some bushes. There were like 5 cop cars, tanks, and helicopters all over the place and I was just frozen in the bushes I couldn't see my friend or the girl anymore. After a while a "patrol" started jogging around the perimeter in a line and a few of them just ran passed me but then I made eye contact with one of the "soldiers" and he grabbed me and led me to one of the helicopters next to the pool. Somehow I got free and ended up fighting a random chick (looked like the girl from ncis, which is really weird cause I've only seen that show once) and she kept swinging her purse at me but then I grabbed it and when I hit her in the face with it I woke up. Crazy fuckin weird...

    And then I went back to sleep and had another weird ass dream where I was a soldier and we were fighting in some desert shooting what looked like arabs, after a few ran out and were shot down a soldier just said "good job guys now lets go home" and I was instantly teleported to a random high rise apartment party where a couple soldiers I had just fought with were (still in military gear), a few people I know in real life, and a few people I had never seen before. We all started drinking and then my friend sean who was sitting on the couch next to me pulled out a knife and tried to stab me. I flipped him over the couch and he landed head first on the floor. I was then like "that's right bitch, stay down" or something like that and everyone went back to partying. What seemed like a couple hours later he was sitting at a table across the room playing poker and he just said "I haven't taken my medication everyone just needs to shut the fuck up" and the whole apartment went silent. I got up and was like "what the hell dude, if you're gonna be that much of a buzz kill just go home" Anyway, I won't go into all the detail about the dialogue but he pulled out a gun and I said "go ahead, I've had a good life" and he shot me once in the shoulder then I started walking towards him and he shot me again in the chest before I made it to him. Once I got there I said "I'll be waiting for you" and bit him in the neck. He was writhing on the floor covered in blood and everyone was just looking shocked as fuck and I walked over to the window, turned around and said "alright, carry on" and jumped out backwards, then woke up.

    I've had so many weird ass dreams lately... Some are crazy and fucked up, but they're always awesome in my opinion. Lucid dreams are the shit :D
  15. I've had a couple of very scary dreams recently... The worst of which I was talking to my sister on the phone before she went to bed. She was waiting for her fiance to get home... I could hear the crackling of bugs (sounded like lots of roaches) crawling around in the background. She told me she was going to go figure out what was going on. She stepped outside and all I heard was this heart wrenching scream as she found her fiance dead... HE'S DEAD! HE'S DEAD!

    I haven't had a nightmare in years and this one really shook me up... The screams and the crying were so perfectly real.

    On the other hand I have also had dreams about kissing someone who I feel I'm falling for. The feeling of the dreams reflect perfectly the warmth of her presence...

    Also a couple of dark dreams about coworkers and drugs...
  16. yeah i hate how real they can feel, especially the scary ones lol.. its almost like i forget im dreaming and get consumed by the whole situation and handle it like its actually going on.

    @outside of time- that's how random my dreams can be too lol, lucid dreams are greattt, although i often dont realize it is a lucid dream until after im awake :\
  17. I think maybe there is some sort of judgement going on or perhaps we are beginning to feel guilty about what we've done, because in most of these dreams there are things that are trying to harm us.

    I had a dream where I dont remember spefically someone was chasing me, and I became lucid during that dream and realised I was dreaming but only to a certain extent, so I flew away from the situation and into some island with hot girls. I dont remember exactly what happened there but then one of the girls said she had a gun in a trunk because I had sensed they were coming for me again and I went to grab it and then flew up in the sky. I dont remember specifically this part either but I remember when I was flying in the air to fight the thing or person that was chasing me told me it/he was my father and he sort of just held me.

    Sounds pretty much like some sort of judgement there to me, objectivelly.
  18. Slightly off topic, but anyone ever start to drift off asleep, and when your in that semi concious state where your mind wanders you think of something frightening and it jerks you awake?

    the other night as i was falling asleep i guess i started thinking about falling off a building, cuz i spazzed out and then was like fuck, i just got comfortable

  19. It happens to me at least a few times every night before I am able to fall asleep.

    Gets annoying.
  20. Yeah it happens to me occasionaly. On the occasions where it happens, it happens frequently.

    I talked to some doctors about it. One doctor said I have sleep apnia.

    Something that I do when this happens to me is sit up. Lean up against a wall with a pillow. Then I let myself drift off to sleep. When my body is in a more upright position I don't get jolted out of sleep.

    Then it goes away for a long time and I just got to sleep as I normally would.

    Hope that helps.

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