Increase in electricity bill.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Jack_Herrer, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. ok, i have a 250 watt HPS that i haven't begun to use yet. i want to know a rough estimate of the electric bill increase if possible. about how much did you bill go up by? tell me if you don't understandwhat i mean because i had some trounle tryin to word this.
  2. also tell me if you did 24/0 or 18/6
  3. 18/6 is best for grow then 12/12 for flower.

    powerwise allow for a large fishtank [4ft to 5ft]
  4. I use a 600watt h.p.s 24/0 and at most it has added 5 uk pounds a week, So a 250 watt should use far less i think

    Dont if thats any help for ya

  5. yeah i was thinking that but i don't want there to be a light leak and the plant goes hermie on me.

  6. I tihnk he meant allow for the power a large fishtank would use, not actually growin in there...

  7. thats not what i meant. i meant that with 18/6 there might be a risk of the plant turning hermie because of light leaks. i know it was off topic (sorry)
  8. electricity costs should be less than $5 a month
  9. Unless you're running 2 1kw lights, there won't be a huge jump in your power consumption...

    If anyone has a room that uses 5, that's a phenominal increase, would be better to just aim for outdoor season.

  10. unless the light leak is brigth enough 4 u to read a newspaper by then dont worry about it.

    only worry about it during flowering.
  11. find out ur electric cost per Kw then x by 3 to get the cost per day for 12/12 and 4.5 for 18/6

    mine costs 7p so its 7x3=21p a day.

    21x7= cost per week
    21x30=cost per mth
    21x65=£13.65 for the whole of the flowering

    total cost of a whole grow done under a 250 including veg time and fans, pumps etc wud b around £20 or 20$ if yur electric was 7cents.

    i think its around the 3cent mark in NY just half all my costs.

    disclamer:: all above sums r based on a 250w

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