Increase and gains?

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  1. Currently benching 145 max and I want to get it to 200 by the end of summer!

    Whats a good way to start?
    So far im doing 12 reps, 10 reps, 8 reps, attempt 12 reps

    Example: (what ive done the past couple bench seshs)

    15 reps of 100
    12 reps of 115
    8 reps of 130
    10 reps of 115

    How fast did your bench max's increase when you first started?

    Im sure its all going to be relevant to other large muscle group exercises like squats, correct?

    Just started going to the gym 2 weeks ago and im loving it!
  2. 8 reps of 130 but your max is 145. huh?
  3. That's what I was thinking haha

    I would go heavier for less reps if you want to get stronger
  4. Should I try and hit my max every time I bench or close to it like 140?

    If I do 8 reps of 140 I start failing at 5-6 and my next set is sloppy as fuck by then :D

    Im pretty damn new to lifting lol
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    Then don't worry about getting crazy with the weight yet. Just keep doing what you're doing and eating a lot and cleanly for now. Give it a few months of lifting to get yourself used and then try to go heavier for less reps. Be patient and in no time you'll be throwin around 200 like its your job
  6. My favorite part of working out is the drive home sore as fuck. Thats my goal everytime I've went this week. Going everyday but only lifting hard everyother day
  7. Cut down on the reps and load the weight on. Start with a 3x5 routine of 115, 125, 135. Get your form on point. Do incline, decline, and flat benching. Use dumbbells for benching sometimes. Strengthen your triceps with dips. Bang out a quick set of pushups immediately after benching. Go full ROM on lifts. Do db flyes and db pullovers. eat moar.

    Don't spend all your time on your chest all of the girls ive talked to about it prefer a nice butt and abs to a big chest. Get on those squats, deadlifts, rows, and military presses. Check out Rippetoes Starting Strength.
  8. I'll definitely try out these low rep high intensity sets on sunday, I've been doing dips and squats too, My form when deadlifting is still pretty wack, gotta work on it more.
  9. The best way to get your squat and deadlift technique on point is to have someone watch you do it. Find a gym rat at your gym who you see squatting and deadlifting substantial amounts and get him to check your form out. I was hesitant to do that because i didnt want to look stupid but eventually did and all it took was a few minutes and i went from problably 60% proper form to 95% proper and the dude became one of my lifting buddies too.
  10. I since this gut squatting 350 yesterday and he had to weigh like 160 tops. Fucking bad ass
  11. My friend used to be close to 5% bodyfat and he could squat 235 which isn't impressive for normal sized people but he was around 5' 5" 105 at the time, #suckstobetiny
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    To see gains you must eat. 80% diet 20% training. If you are getting a hypercaloric diet in you can see 5-10lbs a week being added to the bar since you are just starting out. I'd say if you get the diet down you can see that in 8-12 weeks.

    Concerning reps there is a lot of broscience but its generally agreed on that lower reps is for strength and higher reps is for size. Good luck.

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