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Incorrect strain names

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by skimpenguin, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. In my town strain names are never correct, i recently bought a few grams of "green crack"and a gram of "bubba kush" After smokeing both over the last few days it's obvious that the "green crack" is indica dominant and "Bubba Kush" is a sativa.... go figure

    Anyone else have a problem with dealers always giving made up strain names?
  2. The green crack we had here was fire man, it was very indica heavy, but somehow i found my self not caring once i smoked it :smoke:
  3. That's the exact reason why I started identifying local weed by ind./sat. levels.
  4. Strain names off the street are rarely legit, if its from a club theres definately a better chance the names are correct.
  5. Yep. Happens here all the time. Kids don't know shit haha.
  6. It's ridiculous how many people take strain names so seriously. The only time I mention a strain name is when it's from the club. I smoked some green crack on sunday and it was an obvious Sativa high. Hit almost instantly too.
  7. it doesnt really bother me, i only go off of how my high is
  8. lol my friend follows strain names like its the real deal all the time. im just like chill out man chances are the name is made up, but if your guy gets it from medical shops in cali then theres probably a chance its really that strain
  9. some sellers just be claimin this is that and makin up fancy names try to buy from the white boys they b knowin wat they talkin bout most of the time hood *****s gone rip you

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