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  1. you may have heard by now of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth", a feature film depicting the evidence for undeniable human impact on global climate change, and the necessity to take action now, if not, a quick internet search would allow you to see trailers and even an earlier version of the speaches he's been making which inspired the documentary movie.

    i'd like to take a moment to also bring to your attention one of the areas he discusses... the mountain ecco systems, particularly the forrest areas which have been getting diminished by logging and the effects of climate change. these areas are necessary to feed the rivers, which in turn feed so many more vital eccosystems. basically, the forrest mountain areas are the mouth, the initial spark in the cycle that feed so much of our food chains and vital eccosystems, whithout them, the whole thing falls appart.

    Now while some of us are waiting for the high-tech solutions, the future technolgy now approach, the release of top secret solutions, there is something we can be doing now... take a holiday.

    easy huh?

    how can that help!?

    ok, specifics...

    take a trekking holiday (gotta be the most rewarding and enjoyable trip right?) and replant some of these mountain areas. one small bag of hempseed can go a long, long way to maintaining the topsoil larger plants, shrubs and trees need to sustain the high altitude eccosystems. there is only one plant that fulfills all the necessary criteria to do this. low PAR* blockage, fast deap roots, non competitve, co-operative for other plants and vegetation, and even providing useful fibre, food and fuel as an extra icing on the cake... yes! its the smae message as ever.... hemp can save the world.

    check out this website for more information. relax, sit back, and take it all in. this is your next holiday, and whats better, its the best type of yoga anyone can do. its global. try streatching that far when you do your sunshine salute or dog pose.

    here's their high impact visual stuffs, with less reading.

    Photosinthetically Active Radiation
  2. Why are there no replies for this? Don't you people care about your fucking planet? By passing this up, we're just fucking up the world even more for our children, and their children, and theirs, and theirs.

    Also check out for ways to contact your senators and legislation about your concern. And trust me, they reply personally a lot of times. They really want your votes so they can vote.
  3. aw, im gonna do my part and go hug every tree in my backyard, hooray!
  4. "i have found that governments act out of matters of convenience, not matters of conscience..." - sheradin.

    and we govern ourselves... sometimes too with this poor quality auto lazy philosophy...

    ok, to make it convenient...

    ^^^ makes travel a little easier, and still doing great things for the woild.

  5. That's ignorance dude. You're only going to be on this planet for what... 50-60 more years? People have to live here after you die. Don't be a dickhead and fuck it up for them.
  6. plus rep dude u deserve it
  7. please, more encouragement for the pip who want to go hug every tree... what a great thing to do...

    when you hug the tree the tree hugs you back.

    any idea what happens to a person after recieving that many hugs from the trees?

    ps, i only ever hugged one tree... i 'fink'

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