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Inconsistent Highs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wannabepothead, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, just joined the forum a little bit ago...been browsing it for a few days now. Anyways, let me start out by saying I am a new smoker. I have maybe smoked 10 blunts over the course of the last few months. The first time I smoked pot I got baked out of my MIND, but since then it has been sorta on/off. The second/third time I didn't feel anything at all but then again the next few times I would start getting stoned again, and it has basically been a consistent pattern. I smoked a couple blunts with a friend today and felt a little bit of strain on my eyes and some minor cottonmouth, but nothing more (friend was blazed). I have been smokin' the same shit the whole time during this pattern...all high-mids which I get from a good friend of mine who knows what he's doing. Anyways, I know I am inhaling correctly because I can blow it out of my nose...I'm inhaling it and keeping it in my lungs for a few seconds then blowing it out. Any idea as to wtf is up here?

    -thanks guys, sorry for the long read
  2. That's normal. Your tolerance may go up and down a bit depending on how often you smoke, also the amount of time you hold it in for does matter as well. I believe 5 seconds will get most of the thc into your system. If you've smoked your usual amount and you're finding yourself less stoned, just smoke a little more. It also depends on the weed you're smoking. If your friend's weed isn't as good or is better than stuff you've had before, then it may have a different effect on you. Also maybe his tolerance is lower or he took bigger hits that you.
  3. this is normal for new smokers...should level out eventually and be more consistent. but as u smoke more ur tolerance does go up a bit over time.
  4. i dont think your tolerance has any effect on what your feeling...I didnt get any tolerence until I started smoking like 5 times a week.

    you high can be affected by what youve eaten or the situation or the consistency of ur hits or how many times uve smoked that day or how long it has been or quality of ganj... the list goes on so iono i think my highs are pretty unique every time i smoke even to this day after like 4 years or whatever
  5. yea my tolorance is starting to go up...i think thats what i takes more to get you high, thast whats happening to me but w/e
  6. I don't really know but a couple of blunts would get me high and I smoke multiple times everyday.
  7. Just chill out it will even out soon.
  8. Yeah, listen to them. You are also new to it and not as used to the feeling, so you probably notice its nuances way more than the average smoker. The feeling gets more mellow after a while, but I think this has more to do with experience than tolerance in my case. For people like me pot isn't something we do to have a ton of fun or a trip its just something we do to relax.
  9. It's quite obvious you've just been smoking different qualities. Just because it's the same person doesn't mean quality's always the same.

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