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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Raedon, Sep 30, 2003.

  1. Ordered a icebong but got no stem or bowl.. just the stem to some other type of water pipe (see pictures)
    Order# 024270

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  2. Here is the wrong glass stem.. it's HUGE! lol

    I will say that shipping was fast and thanks for the free screens.. just wish I could use the dang thing.. was all ready for after work then.. phhht.. sorry!

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  3. I'll send a pm to SJ..
  4. Still waiting for someone to get back with me saying, "missing part was shipped" thanks! :)
  5. we are no it! a new piece will be shipped this week!
  6. Could you tell me what item that is? Glass ice bong? Page 9 or glass waterbongs? I must have one!
  7. hey guys, i live in the states and i was all ready to send the shop cash to get some goods. and in the end i didnt send it cause im sure customs would have taken it away, thats what probly happend to you. every package that is imported has to be opened and checked unless u pay the 65 doller shipping and get through customs.
  8. Many people who live in the state's order from the City's Shop and have no problems receiving their merchandise. Raedon just didn't get the correct stem and bowl but received the bong. It wasn't a problem with customs, it was just an error on the Shops part but they are shipping what they left out this week.
  9. yah srry....

    im just freaked out about customs,

  10. seriously chill about customs, you are crazy if you think they search all packages coming into the US.
  11. how would u feel if u payed like 70 bucks and got all ur shit taken away by the goddamn government, but im chill though the cash is sitting in the mail box waiting for the mail monkey

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